Monday, January 14, 2008

Two Beefs.......

No, not the red meat kind. But the kind that just ticks me off.

Beef #1... Checkers at the grocery store that call me "hon", "honey", "sweetie" etc. WHY do they do that? I am certainly not their Hon, honey OR sweetie. I don't even know them all that well, although I do all my grocery shopping at only two different places depending on if I am heading east or west. Most of the checkers (or maybe they are supposed to be called something else?) are either my age or younger. I am NOT that old. Yes, I have grandkids, but I color my gray and don't wear polyester and I still have a 15 year old at home. I consider it a sign of stupidity and certainly rude for them to call me cutesy names. I don't respond to them at all.

Beef #2... Again Checkers at the local grocery/discount store. What gives them the right to comment on the food I am purchasing. Every time I buy anchovies the clerks will comment. "YUK" "What are those" "Is that fish?" etc. One clerk actually picked them up with the tips of her fingers like they would leak on her. Now I don't eat anchovies, but hubby does.

I bought a duck to cook for Christmas Day. The conversation went like this -

Clerk - Is this a duck?
Me - Yes
C- like a real duck?
M- Yes
C- Like the kind you see at the park?
M- Probably
C- Are you going to eat it?
M- Yes
C- Oh, that is horrible, how can you do that?
M- I will defrost it first.

Anyone else have this problem? or is it just me? The only time there was comment that I felt was justified was the evening my DH and I purchased only two items.

A flimsy nightgown and a ski mask.....

Happy Sewing


Sweet P said...

I seldom go to the big grocery store where the checkers and baggers don't know me. Now I remember why I don't! LOL!

Our small family butcher/grocery store is a great place to shop. They always say hello and always have something nice to say. Plus they can cut a side of beef any way you want it done.

Lindah said...

I'm with you. I hate it when the clerks/boxboys feel they need to discuss my purchases, and it occurs with every shopping trip. Like you, I sometimes don't respond to their comments/questions. 10 years ago, I was shocked when we moved from VA where I was called Mrs. checkers I knew well to northern CA where I am called by my first name by checkers I have never seen before. Different cultures. And, times are a'changin,' I guess.

Jenny said...

Wow, I've never had checkers comment on my items but that would really tick me off! I know at my own job other employees calling patrons hon, all the time. It drives me nuts! I think it is demeaning. My biggest pet peeve is when 2 employees are talking to each other and totally ignore me while they scan/package my items. I feel your pain!

Linda said...

Well I would have liked to hear the comments about the ski mask and I can only imagine. I get that too and my response is I'm not your hon, that title is reserved for my husband.

Carolyn said...

And hopefully the nightie was for you??????????? I know what you mean about the checkers - I hate it too and I'm older than you (there I said it!!)

LOL - Your sis

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I completely agree. Every week when I go grocery shopping, I choose my checkout girl very carefully..and avoid the ones that like to make comments. I was buying a basil plant once, and the girl said..."ooh..I can't stand the smell of that!!" or once I was buying butternut squash..."ooh what are you going to do with that?...I don't even know what it is!!" Drives me nuts!

Kim said...

This is funny!

Bren said...

I am cracking up...YOU are someone I would like to go shopping with!!!

Felicia said...

I've encountered you beef #1 many time but probably because I live in the south :) The second has only happened a couple of times. I blame the management. Bad customer training :)

Lydia said...

In response to the "are you going to eat it?" about the duck, I'd probably have said something like "Well, I'm considering resurrecting it and releasing it in the park, but I'm just not sure if I can pull it off." This kind of stuff makes me CRAZY!! And I'm not really convinced that comments about the nightgown and ski mask were warranted or appropriate, either (although I have to admit that was a provocative comment, and that it has my mind drawing all SORTS of pictures!). If it's offered for sale, and you have the money to buy it, you should be able to do so without commentary or satisfying anyone's curiosity.