Friday, September 30, 2011

weekly update...

Seems I can only get to the blog about once a week...  The behind the scenes work is busy.. I am cleaning and packing and trying to organize.  I have learned quite a bit  since we have moved 13 times in almost 40 years of marriage...  

So I am  spending my days going through drawers and culling them out. (the move is based on weight!) If I don't want it at the new house, I am getting rid of it here..trash, freecycle, donate...I will use them all..

I am also trying to get satellite tv scheduled, find internet access (will go with Wild Blue, which happens to be our ONLY CHOICE so don't tell me if you hate it!) and today is "find the trash companies name"...there is only one so it shouldn't be too hard...  and then we also have to call and cancel all that stuff here...
Every weekend when we leave we take a load to the new house..  We drove out late last night and took a load from the garage...lawn mower, big steel shelving unit, misc rakes and shovels...

And I wish I would have taken the camera because the concrete guys had been there forming up the pad for the new workshop...  I hope to get some photos tonight if it isn't too dark...

And we went and got a new laundry tub so I know what we will be doing this weekend.

So this means no sewing at this house.  I have to get my Habitat Challenge quilt finished.  I only need to hand stitch the binding ...  and I have a challenge due for another guild and I haven't even started it.  Well, I did start it, but I didn't like it so I want to start over.  I might not get to that..

I will be updating the other blog ...but I fear I will be absent from this one until after the move.  Wish me luck and I'll see you on the other end...hopefully with a nice, clean, organized sewing studio...

Oh forgot...I got an email last week and was sent an item to review...and GIVEAWAY!  So watch for that...cause you know I need to add something else to my


Friday, September 23, 2011

what's going on...

Behind the scenes this is what's working...

I'm starting to pack up the sewing room.  We are moving next month.  Our big dream and all our work is finally going to pay off. We will be on a quiet gravel road amidst trees and wild life and I will have a HUGE sewing room...   We have packers and movers coming next month and they charge by weight...we figure we can take stuff every weekend and save some money.  The easiest thing to pack is my sewing room...I took two boxes last weekend and these are ready to go tomorrow.  Of course I already NEED something that I sent out last week.  lol

The sewing room is starting to look a bit bare..
all the shelves are cleared off...

all the walls are bare...

I've been reduced to radio only as I packed all my CD's..and I need a few tools to remove my thread holders and scissor hanger and my ruler rack...oh...and the radio shelf..   Then this room will be painted..a boring bland neutral.

I am already tired of packing...I can't imagine if I had to pack the whole house..  and so tomorrow I will be joining a few friends to sew....all. day. long.   Can't wait.. 

My ironing surface, sewing table and bed risers are ready...  I need to cut and pack a couple more projects and the sewing machine...

And I have been a terrible great-aunt... I have yet to see my new great nephew and hope to get there next week...I'll take dinner to make up for it...I have a great (from my daughter) chicken enchilada recipe that will travel well...

I helped move my Mom from one nursing home to another.  She did fine.

Have been trying to learn the new Facebook...BAH!  Why change something that isn't broke?


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

my newest great-nephew...

Crosby Michael

My new great-nephew on the quilt I made just for him...

Isn't he the cutest thing?

Doing some decluttering today..If we haven't unpacked it or used it in six years I can't imagine we need to move it again...


Wednesday, September 7, 2011 what?

Apparently no one has any Sherbet Pips in their stash...hhmmpp... not sure what you all are buying out there...this line was so adorable.. everyone should have a charm pack or two in their stash..

So now what?

This is the Sherbet Pips line.  Aneela Hoey designed her first line using her hand embroidery designs as inspiration.  The colors are beautiful...pale gray, pale pink, bright red and turquoise...with little girls playing on a swing hung from a tree and little ones on scooters..

Then her second line came out.. Little Apples..  This time the kids are playing ring-a-round and jumping rope.. So cute..

It's the same colorway although the colors in Little Apples are more intense..

Do you think I can use both?  together?

And I got block two done on my BOM. 

Oct block Log Cabin

Is he not the cutest little scooter boy?  The center was supposed to be a quarter square triangle but that's just crazy so I fussy cut the little 2 1/2 inch square...  He fit perfectly..

and here is Sept and Oct together..
I hate Wednesdays...Rich watches the syfy channel all night..can't miss Ghost Hunters..and tonight will be extra special as he will flip back and forth between syfy and the GOP times..

I guess I will make a few more blocks tonight...


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wanna Swap?

This is the BOM for one of my quilt guilds.  Ok..I's not really the BOM...The real one is a school house and then they give you a different design each month for the center.  I didn't really want to do a school house and one of my guild friends (Hi Bev!) said she was thinking about using this instead of the school house as it has the same 6 inch center.  She ultimately decided to do the school house and I totally stole her idea.  The photo isn't the was taken this evening and the lighting isn't the best in the sewing room..

Funny that the first insert was a churn dash..

I started using  up my Sherbet Pips and after I fell in love with this first block I realized I only have 1/2 a layer cake.. the inserts are only 6 inch square finished so a charm pack would be perfect..  I am looking for one or two charm packs of the Sherbet Pips.  I have two charm packs of her newest line Little Apples that I would be willing to trade..  Or I have some solids..or I have some Pat Sloan which are primitive in color way or I have some fq's of 30's. 

Anyone?  Anyone?

For a whole different conversation... I had chili planned for dinner tonight and then read this post from Melissa and decided "what the heck?"  I will use her chili recipe..  Oh was GOOD!  So if you are like me and need a good chili recipe that freezes well...try it.. you won't be disappointed.  I will say that I won't be adding the tablespoon of jalapeno or the 1 cup of water to the next batch.  It was a bit spicy for us and Rich likes his a bit less juicy...  otherwise he said he really liked it better than my regular chili recipe which I have been using for 39 years with no complaints... lol


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cooking with Abbie..

Yesterday, along with the tennis shoes, I talked grandma into buying this..

Mix them up.. they just use a tiny bit of water..
These are cutie pie pans.. that come in that box.

This is all that is left in the bowl..

Cause I did this..
They were good and we are taking some to Grandpa Dean today..  He likes brownies.. 

Thank you for all the good things you said yesterday.  I got grandma to read them to me. I have so many friends!!


Friday, September 2, 2011

Guest Post...

Hi, my name is Abbie, I am 3 years old and I am staying at my grandma and grandpa's this weekend.  My Mommy got my Daddy tickets to the OU vs Tulsa game in NORMAN, OK in the 24th row and two nights in a hotel..  Mommy said Daddy's head exploded because he was so excited.  They said I couldn't go to Boomer Sooner.. maybe some day I will be old enough..

Last night my Mommy drove me to my grandmas car.  We moved my car seat to grandmas car in the parking lot.  On the way I told mommy that grandma was going to buy me some new tennis shoes.  Mommy didn't think so, but I know grandma will.  You just wait and see.  I want to wear tennis shoes to school every day but mommy says mine are too small and we need to get new ones. 

Grandma and I went to the post office to mail a book.  I don't know why she took the book to the post office.  I take my books back to the libary..  I think Grandma got confused.

Then we went to Walmart,  Grandma had a list so she didn't forget anything.  She kept reading it out loud and now everyone in Walmart knows what we need.  I told her I would read it to her, but she said that ice cream wasn't on the list.   I told grandma that I needed new tennis shoes for school.  Grandma said "ok".    I told grandma that mommy doesn't let me wear shoes with characters or lights on them.  Grandma found these and they have ballet girls on them..  I don't think ballet girls are a character so grandma bought them..  I got new socks too..

Well, grandma says I need a nap cause she is tired.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why all the hype?

I am still here...working on my StLMQG Habitat Challenge.  I have the top completely pieced now and pressed all my backing...and then...I saw them...all the extra blocks I made for this quilt and decided for one reason or another they weren't working...  So, what the heck...let's just use them on the back... 

There is the house block that was my first know HABITAT - HOUSE...{i hear crickets!}
and then I thought about a rail there is one of those up there, and then the rest is all the leftover fabric that would never be used in anything else so I pieced it all together and this is the result...  and it's now pressed...


UGH!  Who invented the idea of a pieced back?  I hated making that back.   I don't think it adds anything to the quilt as a was very time consuming..and frankly who is going to look at the back?  I don't see me doing this again.  But I do see pieced backs all the time so what is all the hype about?  Do you know?