Saturday, April 7, 2012

Let's Play Tag.....

 I've been "tagged" by Cindy over at Hyacinth Quilt Designs...  If you don't already read her blog, grab yourself a cup of tea (coke, coffee or whatever) and head on over.  Cindy in a prolific quilter and designer...We both belong to the St Louis Modern Quilt Guild and she teaches machine quilting at a local quilt shop.  She has written books, lectured and taught classes...and she gets the most done of anyone in blogworld...Every time I open her page she has made another quilt...and quilted it...and it's bound... sheesh...I can't even begin to keep up with her...

I am to answer the following questions and then tag forward...

1. If you're not quilting, what are you most likely doing?
 reading... I am on book two of the Hunger Game series.. book three is sitting on the nightstand and I take full advantage of my local library...

2. Do you buy fabric with a specific project in mind or "just because"?
 I used to buy whatever fabric caught my eye and then it sat on the tastes are all over the board and nothing I bought went now I mostly buy for a certain project..
3. How many quilting projects do you have going at once?
Right now I am working on a guild BOM, I belong to RedBird Bee through the StLMQG so I make one or two blocks a month for whoever is "it", I have a quilt needing a border, and more quilts than I care to count that need quilting..

4. How many completed quilts do you own?
 Um...I don't own very many...maybe 5 or 6...I usually make quilts for an occasion and give them away...
5. How do you use your quilts, or are they stored away somewhere? 
My quilts are all either stacked up on the cedar chest in the living room or on a bed..

6. What is you favorite food?
Chinese...I could eat it everyday for every meal.. Unfortunately we don't have the best selection near us and the hubby is not a huge fan..
7. What is your current favorite color combination?
Gosh...Yellow, gray, white and black..   and then  Aqua, gray, orange and white... because those are the color combos for two bedrooms I am working on..
8. Where do you get your ideas and/or inspiration? two!!
 So now I am to tag someone else...
and here are my questions..
1.  Do you buy quilt patterns or just wing it...
2.  If you won a million dollars, what would you buy?

3.  What is your favorite quilting notion?

4.  What quilting notion are you thinking of buying next?

5.  How many sewing/embroidery/quilting machines do you own?
Thanks Cindy...that was fun...and I hope not too boring...  
Today I am dying eggs, making brownies and getting the house straight for 15 family members coming tomorrow for Easter.. 
Happy Easter Everyone!!