Saturday, February 7, 2009

What would you do?

Yesterday was grocery shopping and errand day. It went fairly well even though DH decided to go with...

While I was checking out at the second grocery store, I obeserved something that really made me stop and think...

Here is the scenario...what would you do...

You are the second person in line behind a woman with a full cart load of groceries. You are young (30's?) and are with your scruffy husband. (this is who was in line, not me!, well my DH looked scruffy too, but we aren't the ones I'm talking about right now) The checker scans ALL of the groceries for the person in front of you and the person hands over coupons. One of the coupons doesn't match the product. It was either the wrong size or style or for whatever reason wasn't right. The person buying the groceries heads off (walking quickly, I might add) and comes back with the correct item to match the coupon. She then apologizes to the you. Remember you are the second person in line, not the person that left and came back. Ok? Got It?

Do you

A. Yell, scream and berate the person for leaving and getting the correct item.
B. Smile when she apologizes and understand
C. Something else

A. or B.???


i am really interested.

This IS what happened. The couple behind the lady screamed and yelled and berated her for leaving the cart. I was flabbergasted. I don't happen to know either of these people, but I sure felt sorry for the lady that had the coupon wrong. I mean, really, in this day and age you need to save all the money you can. She made a simple mistake. Was the few seconds delay that important to you? The same amount of time passed and this couple decided to spend it pissed off!

Ok, off my soap box. I have just this minute talked my hubby into taking me to the quilt shop and out to dinner (ok, I am typing this today, but you won't see it until tomorrow, so YESTERDAY I talked him into taking me to the quilt shop and out to dinner, got it?) Of course, I should know what I bought, BUT I will share with you tomorrow!! Cause then I will know!!! LOL

Happy Sewing,


Lorraine said...

OMGosh......I wonder sometimes about behaviour....the lady made a mistake.....and it was rectified pretty quickly.....I can't see the problem....or how that much time out of your day could ruin it....!! Sad...and I feel sorry for the person who got the tongue lashing.....I think I may have cried!! we seem to be becoming a very impatient lot!! .........and what did you buy at the quilt shop...?? I hope no one made you wait while they chose another fat quarter! Peace out...the message to all who wait in lines!!

Courtney said...

Wow! Sometimes I am amazed at how angry people can get when just a second of their day is "wasted"!

Pat said...

That woman who did the tongue-lashing behaved horribly, in my opinion, and I hope she gets a taste of her own medicine someday soon. One of the things we noticed most when we retired to southern Delaware 5 years ago now (where did the time fly?)was that people here are much more laid back than they were in NJ where everything was rush-rush. Here people say hello to those they don't know as they pass them...wait patiently in lines, etc. I prefer being laid back and kind rather than the other rushed and too often rude behavior. I still have enough of my NJ spunk in me that I'd probably have opened my mouth and said something to the young woman to make her feel better AND to call attention to the other woman about how rude she was...and my husband would have wanted to pass out right on the spot when I did it, too. LOL

Qubie said...

I am not surprised. I work with the public all day long and please will get upset about the smallest things. If an item is not on sale they will yell at you or throw it at you and storm out.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

B -'s too short to be angry all the time...but far too many people are!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

B definitely! I've been in that situation before. It was a simple mistake. Unfortunately, others just don't feel that way. They feel the world owes THEM. ~Shelly~

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