Wednesday, December 26, 2007

And now on to next year.....

Today I did my first Christmas shopping for next year...hee hee...

I bought the cutest ornaments for the grandkids at Target on the 50% off sale. They are silver wire with clear beads and are fashioned into letters. I got an "A" for Ava and Abigail, "O" for Owen, "J" for Jackson and "G" for Grace.

I decided last September that I am making a lap cuddle quilt for each of the grandkids and my DH next year for Christmas. DH will know about the grandkids, but if I can help it, he won't know about his. I had the pattern decided for me. My quilt guild is making this pattern at our January meeting. We are to have all the strips cut and ready to sew.

It calls for a light, medium and dark of 2 colors and a third solid. In the photo of the book the solid is the black in the largest quilt picture. In my head I have picked black and brown for my two colors and need to go to the quilt shop next week and find them. The blocks are really big, so it should go fairly fast. I plan to have all 6 quilts finished by September 2008.

I have a head start. Last October I made a lime green/hot pink Snapshots for Grace from the book Happy Hour by Teri Atkinson.

I have blue plaids and a pattern by Teri Atkinson called TicTacMo for the boys. Seeing as I live in Missouri I thought TicTacMo was pretty cool. The pattern is named because it is a reproduction of a quilt found in a Missouri antique store.

I think these three will keep me busy for a while. I will post a photo of the fabric I find for Weaver Fever and photos of the quilts as they are finished.

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season...We have one more Christmas celebration to attend this weekend with DH family. It is a small group and only two kids, one is 15, the other 8, so it will be much quieter.

Tomorrow is OFFICIAL CLEAN MY SEWING ROOM DAY. If I make it official, maybe I will actually get it done.. I have to clean it. I have lost a pattern that I need to teach the end of January. I have the fabric all washed and ready to cut, just need the pattern.

Ok, now the plans have changed. Our neighbor just came over and asked if I could babysit his kids tomorrow. SO....from 8am to 6pm tomorrow I will be across the street with 17 mo old twin boys. YIKES!!! Why did I answer the door??? LOL He is in kind of a bind. His babysitter didn't show up today and can't come tomorrow.

So, I am cancelling OFFICIAL CLEAN MY SEWIN ROOM DAY and moving it to Friday...

Happy Sewing Day!!



Anonymous said...

Nancy - Love your "Happy Hour" quilt! It turned out so good. The "TictacMO" looks like it has a lot of potential - love those blocks on point. Happy New Year, NM

Kathie said...

oh Love that Happy Hour quilt! just so happy! great quilt
Oh your going to have so much fun with the babies!
they are adorable at that age!
this is a very nice thing for you to do for the parents...
I think your cleaning day is going to have to be Saturday though as Friday you will need to rest up from today!
Have FUN!

Sweet P said...

I love the Happy Hour quilt too. What a fantastic color combination. I hope your cleaning day went well.