Thursday, December 6, 2007

I feel lucky...I feel lucky....

Remember that song from West Side Story??? This week, I have been singing..."I feel Lucky, I feel Lucky..I feel lucky cause I won three times"....Good thing you can't hear me. LOL

I woke up Monday, got my cup of tea and started reading email and then my list of blogs. I opened up an email from Linda of AllStitchedUp and she was telling me to hurry over to Lynette Anderson's blog. What?? I won?? YIPPEE SKIPPEE, (read her blog here ) I won a copy of her book Rainbow Cottage. I love Australian designers. They are so imaginative.
Monday was also my quilt guilds Christmas Party. I just joined this guild in October, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I started out by getting lost. My directions said to "turn right at the Purple House". Hm....I wrote these directions quickly during the meeting. So was the "purple house" a restaurant? a gift shop? I am not familiar with this little town so wasn't sure. Well, I shouldn't have worried. The "Purple House" is just that...a purple house. Bright purple I might add. I turned right, and then the directions said turn right again. Ok, I did and now am at a dead end. I circled around to try again. OH!! I must go OVER the RR tracks. Ok.. I am just a little bit late... Drop off my quart of Veggie Soup, my wrapped pot holder and sit down.... I had a great time getting to know some of the other members. As the newest member, I was asked to draw the winning ticket for the raffle quilt. HA HA....remember the purple house? Her daughter WON!! LOL I got a wonderful pot holder in the exchange and then they drew names for the centerpieces. I won a little live Christmas Tree. How cute is this??

Got home right before 3pm, sit down and download email....Guess What?? I won again... This blog is having a Holiday Apron Giveaway. Designers are donating aprons that they made and you too could win!! I won an apron designed and made by Pat Sloan. Yea ME!! Pat Sloan is my favorite quilt designer. I love her free, whimsical folk art quilt patterns. Check her out at and she has a yahoo group too... She also blogs...

I really should have dragged my b-tt to the store and got a lottery ticket..don't ya think??

Happy Sewing Day!! I am off to my Redwork Club Christmas Lunch. We are trading red/white items.


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Sweet P said...

You have had a lucky week! The centerpiece is adorable. Congratulations.