Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Did you notice???

I have a new photo on my side bar.... Today was sewing day with Miss Nancy and Anne and I took the latest Christmas quilt to finish. This is Snapshots from Terry Atkinson book Happy Hour. I just needed to hand sew the binding and I got it all done. This is for granddaughter #1. Just two more to go and they are currently at the quilters.

Then of course, the mystery quilt...

I spent this evening writing and printing the master copy of the guild newsletter. I volunteered last meeting in a moment of weakness. lol I really don't mind doing it, I just worry that I will

A. Forget something
B. Spell something wrong

Tomorrow I will take it to the printers and get it done for Monday. Then some errands and come home and get some sewing done...Need to get the months mystery blocks done so they are ready for Monday also.

Happy Sewing,


Anonymous said...

I love this one. Cute.

Des said...

Love, love that quilt! I have loved that pattern as well. It looks great in the freshcut prints. Well done!!

Solstitches said...

So pretty. I love that fabric line