Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hi - I'm the quilters Sister and I'm hi-jacking her blog for just a short note:

My sister and her husband have been the best. She helped me move over the week-end and gave up precious sewing/quilting time for me. On Friday we moved my Kitchen - well not the whole kitchen, just the stuff in it:) and got my new kitchen organized! On Saturday they both showed up at 8:30 am to move the furniture and the rest of the boxes. I have an entertainment center that comes apart in 2 pieces, but one of them weighs about 500 lbs. and it was pretty scary at times. Everything was moved in 2 U-Haul and 1 pickup load by noon. They also delivered my bench (see previous blog). Then on Monday they came back and her hubby used his skills to make me a desk in my kitchen for my computer. There was a scary moment - but no details will be told :).

I owe them more than I can every repay them. I don't know what I would have done without their help. I think I owe them a dinner.........

I just wanted all her blogger friends to know what wonderful family I have. If you are moving or need a built in desk I don't think they are for hire.

Quilters Sister and guest hijack blogger :) Hey, you didn't sign your name!!

Hi-jack over - I don't think she will be mad at me - I hope not, I may need more help :)


HEY!! This is MY BLOG!!! What are you doing here???

Ok, I'm putting in my 3 cents worth..

1 cent - Isn't her bedroom pretty? Makes me want to redecorate. (PS. you don't see any flimsy shitty scarves over the windows either!! I told her I was throwing them away and I wasn't kidding. I tossed them into the big trash dump..)

2 cents - I'll be changing my password

3 cents - Joe's Crab Shack sounds good..



Carolyn said...


Your sis - Carolyn

Sweet P said...

She's right - you are a nice person!