Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Speaking of....

I love to sew. I try to sew each day, it doesn't always happen. I'm thinking that's why they call it "try". Sometimes I sew for myself, sometimes I sew for family, for gifts, for friends, for friends of my grown children...and so on.

Yesterday I spent a good part of my day talking on the phone and sewing. Who was I sewing for? A new designer. I am one of her test sewers...or as Linda calls us, Stitching Diva's.. Pretty fancy huh??

This is all I can show of my secret sewing ... ( I had to get permission first!)

I realize it isn't a lot, but there is some more sewing to be done and then pattern reviewing and I have already made some changes for her...LOL Seems like every pattern I have some "suggestions" for her. Sometimes she even listens.. My first job out of High School was in a publishing department of a vending machine company. I worked with three gentleman that wrote the instructional manuals for repairing the machines. I learned to proof-read, follow instructions as written (even if I thought I knew how to do it) and correct language. All the things that help me help Linda..

We spent the rest of yesterday doing mundane Monday things. Balancing the checkbook, cooking pork steaks on the grill, doing a little retouch painting, watching the Ghost Hunters marathon (unless I get the remote and then we watch "Chopped").



The Quilt Shoppe said...

Oooooooh, LUV black and white. I know it's going to be gorgeous!

Can't wait to see more :)


Pat said...

I have hardly any black and white fabrics....should start to collect some. Can't wait to see your whole project once your job is done and you are allowed to show it.

pat sloan said...

i don't think they MAKE that cut of pork anywhere but st. louis.. certainly not on the east... hehe!

and your headboard is wonderful, it looks just like mine!

Sandy said...

LOVE the black and whites! I think I need some for my collection.

(And, yes, pork steaks are a St. Louis tradition. I live in St. Louis too -- have all my life. We may be nighbors!)

Janet said...

I have a real stack of black and white. I'll look forward to the big reveal.
I just read the previous post, love the headboard, your DH does a fantastic job.