Saturday, September 5, 2009


How is the big weekend going for you so far? In the US, this is Labor Day weekend and officially the last weekend to camp, have BBQ's with family and friends and school would start on Tuesday. In most places here in the states, school has already started. The Rock Star (need a new name as there is now no band and he traded a guitar for a keyboard) started school on Aug 18th, so this is just a nice long weekend for him. He also lucked out at work and has Sunday and Monday off... Not sure how that happened. He is low man on the totem pole, so you would think he would be on the schedule..

We started off our weekend on Friday with me doing the regular payday errands. Grocery store and stuff. Hubby was off so he was in the workshop most of Friday.

Today we drove down to the local mall and got the "boychild" (how is that for a new name?) some jeans for school. He is so much easier than the girls were. He checked on line and found the jeans he wanted, found out who had them and we went and bought them. less time than it took to drive there. We even happened upon a "denim sale" at Macy's so we got $10 off one of the pair of jeans. SCORE!!

Then, I helped hubby make some spaghetti sauce and meatballs. Yes, this is what hubby does the best... He uses an HUGE amount of hamburger, italian sausage, two kinds of garlic, tomato sauce, tomato paste, onion, oregano, parmesan cheese (block and shaker),vinegar, sugar and who knows what else goes in there. Then I made the meatballs. Well, I didn't really MAKE them. He dumped everything in the bowl, I mixed them and formed them and then fried them. He told me to fry them black... he likes them crunchy, I don't like them like that, so I did the first batch his way and the second batch my way. We will see if it makes a difference in the end since they all go back into the sauce before serving anyway.

Doesn't this look good?


And yes, he's a guy so you would normally expect the kitchen to be in disaster mode after all that chopping and cooking, but no....he cleans while he cooks. In fact, if you aren't quick he will wash the utensils you are still using..LOL

BTW, that's my dish drying, his were all dried and put away..

Tonight we will go to Lowes and get some more oak. He finished a project and is this very minute drawing plans for the next project. I will show photos either tomorrow or Monday. Not sure when his latest will be available for show. And while we are in town, we will eat dinner out...

Oh, what about the spaghetti sauce? That's for tomorrow. Our oldest daughter and three of my grandkids are coming to dinner. She called and said she would bring them in if Dad would cook his sauce... talk about bribery!!

Poor little Bitty is sick with bilateral ear infections and also has Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.. She is so sick...her mouth is full of sores and she will only eat soft, cold food. I drove out Wednesday night and stayed with her all day Thursday and I got her to eat some yogurt, some applesauce and two glasses of milk. She did nap good for me and she didn't have a fever, but she was miserable Thursday night after I left and was back at the doctors on Friday for a script for "Magic Mouthwash" to kill the pain. It's a combination of lidocaine and maalox and something else.. She can't really teach her to swish and spit (she is only 19 months old), so she uses a syringe to coat her mouth. It seems to be helping and she ate a hotdog last night and had some pancakes this morning. Needless to say, she won't be having spaghetti tomorrow. I will have to make her something else, which I will do happily as long as she eats something...

No sewing until Monday at the earliest..



blushing rose said...

Hope the wee one recups quickly, poor thing.

Have a lovely weekend with the family.

TTFN ~ Marydon

Anonymous said...

OMG...poor baby!

Pat said...

Sorry to hear the little sweetie is in such a state and hope she recovers soon. Sounds like you are having a full weekend of activity. Here we painted the bedroom and I am trying to catch up on all the typing (lots of it) that I couldn't do for the doctor while the roofers were pounding away on my house. Other than doing music at church tomorrow, that is about it for me. I'll try to sew a little bit, if I can.

Lorraine said...

great looking meatballs and sauce..your son is a very organised shopper...gotta love that! I do hope the little one is soon better....sounds painful poor little mite!

Linda said...

Pattern writing happening here. Sounds like you have a full weekend. Poor little Bitty, I can't imagine how painful that must be for her.

Sweet P said...

I hope little Bitty is better soon! When little ones are sick life can be hard.

My DH will cook, but most of the time I have to clean-up. That's OK with me. It's mostly my kitchen and I can get protective of where things are put away.