Monday, April 26, 2010

Friday in Paducah...

woke up at 3:15am
left the house at 4am
got to Miss Nancy's at 4:35am
got to the bus stop at 5am
got to Paducah at 9:30am

what a day! I loved every minute of it, even when my back was hurting and I couldn't walk any further and waved Miss Nancy off and said I would wait right here on the chair for her.

There were celebrity sightings...

pat sloan
I would show you the photo of Pat and I but as usual it turned out absolutely
HORRIBLE... my side that is. Pat looks great, I look like
something you would run screaming from... and it was still early. Don't even want to think
about what I looked like later..

heidi kaisand

She was so nice. Even though I told her I stalked her blog, she turned and smiled. I promised her I wouldn't show the first photo. It wasn't the most flattering..

an amazing red and white quilt

with an even more amazing stuffed edging..
an award winning quilt with an even more amazing back

at first glance this quilt looked like it had to have been paper-pieced with all those colors and the
black lines running through each one. No.. The fabric was a stripe and every frigging last one of those little suckers matched...

I felt sorry for this lady and not because she had an award winning quilt. When we walked up to her I noticed the name of her city on her badge. I said "Oh, I had relatives from Farmington" (missouri).. She said "oh no, I am from Flemington,Mo.. down by Bolivar". Oh, sorry.. I complimented her on her quilt and winning and as we walked away I heard someone say "oh, I have relatives in Farmington,,,," Poor lady needs to move to Farmington... I'm just saying

This is NOT a photograph. It is a quilt. And in person it was amazing. The quilting was
micro-stippled in multiple colors. Simply stunning.

We met the bus at 5:45pm.
stopped at a truck stop for some great Popeye's Fried Chicken (so not on the diet)
and I got home at 11:15pm and went straight to bed...
Of course I was too excited about my purchases to go right to sleep.

come back tomorrow. I will show you what I bought.



Pat said...

OOOOO...can't wait to see what you bought!!

Bren said...

What an amazing day!!!

Judy Laquidara said...

I took a picture of the pink and green quilt too. Loved the quilting on it. The lady from Flemington is in the guild with my friend who was with me so we got to chat wit her for a few minutes. Beautiful wall hanging.

Tangos Treasures said...

Wow awesome quilts!
Glad you had fun!

Miss Nancy said...

Great pictures. And, yes, we had a great time. It took me almost two days to catch up on rest. Oh, but so worth it.

Have a super great day.