Tuesday, April 27, 2010

my booty....

on the left 5-1 yard pieces, on the right 8 fq's
free patterns for both

what can I say...the Thangle man made it look so easy and fun!

Pattern on the left goes with brown/green fq up there...
Pattern on the right is so cute and I know two little granddaughters
that would love this.

my favorite thread and since the LQS that carried it is closing I stocked up
.for now.

I sure hope there are instructions in there..

I could have bought more...but I ran out of steam.
Don't worry though... 3 of us have a road trip planned for next week.



Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

I cracked up with the comment about instructions in the New York Beauty pattern. I sure hope so girl otherwise you will become a REdesigner!


Pat said...

OOOOOO.....great buys, my friend!!! I especially love that bundle of fat quarters!!!

Rita said...

Thangles are very easy to use...I use them a lot. Have fun with your new goodies!

Cindy said...

Nancy, I love Aurifil too. Bindings, Borders and Squares in St. Charles is going to start selling all the neutral colors for now. There're not in yet but should be soon!

Sharon S said...

Nice haul! Shopping envy here. Someday I'll make it east of the Rockies to a big show. For now I'm looking forward to MQX in 2011 in Portlamd!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Love the loot Nancy! Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful goodies! I bought 2 of the 5 1yd bundles-one pink,one purple. You will love, love, love those thangles. I use them a lot. Can't wait to see the finished products-espically the New York Beauty. LOL!