Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wanna Swap?

This is the BOM for one of my quilt guilds.  Ok..I confess..it's not really the BOM...The real one is a school house and then they give you a different design each month for the center.  I didn't really want to do a school house and one of my guild friends (Hi Bev!) said she was thinking about using this instead of the school house as it has the same 6 inch center.  She ultimately decided to do the school house and I totally stole her idea.  The photo isn't the best..it was taken this evening and the lighting isn't the best in the sewing room..

Funny that the first insert was a churn dash..

I started using  up my Sherbet Pips and after I fell in love with this first block I realized I only have 1/2 a layer cake.. the inserts are only 6 inch square finished so a charm pack would be perfect..  I am looking for one or two charm packs of the Sherbet Pips.  I have two charm packs of her newest line Little Apples that I would be willing to trade..  Or I have some solids..or I have some Pat Sloan which are primitive in color way or I have some fq's of 30's. 

Anyone?  Anyone?

For a whole different conversation... I had chili planned for dinner tonight and then read this post from Melissa and decided "what the heck?"  I will use her chili recipe..  Oh my...it was GOOD!  So if you are like me and need a good chili recipe that freezes well...try it.. you won't be disappointed.  I will say that I won't be adding the tablespoon of jalapeno or the 1 cup of water to the next batch.  It was a bit spicy for us and Rich likes his a bit less juicy...  otherwise he said he really liked it better than my regular chili recipe which I have been using for 39 years with no complaints... lol



julieQ said...

Wish I could help you!!!

Splendorfalls said...

No pips in the house; sorry!

Wendy said...

I so totally wish I could help you! Love your block and honestly when I first saw your fabrics, thought they were a bit of the Ghastlies of which I have the pink/grey piece if you decide you need those to go with instead ... good luck :)

Kristy said...

Lookin good Nancy; sorry I don't have any of what you are looking for.

Lindabee said...

I must not have any, since I don't know what they are. Sorry. Love the block, churn dash is a favorite of mine. Did you cut this with your GO cutter?

gill said...

Are you still looking for a Pips charm pack??