Monday, February 4, 2008

No phone + No computer = More sewing

My sister called me yesterday to tell me she had purchased tickets for both of us to go see Jersey Boys. WOO HOO!! I can't wait for May 17th.... After, we will head to Rigazzi's for dinner. Oh, sounds like a great day...

Anyway, back to the title of this blog. After I hung up, I headed up to the sewing room to dig out my Summer 07 Quilts and More. I have keep this magazine, because there was a wall hanging that I just kept admiring. I was thinking I would pull some fabrics for it. I got a few pulled before I got a "HEY, NANCY!!" from son and hubby. Apparently the internet wasn't working. It was extremely necessary for me to turn off the iron, turn off the radio, turn off the sewing machine, close up the ott light, turn off the light, shut the door and come downstairs.

To sit..

While son and hubby, reset the DSL box.
While son and hubby, tried the computer again.
While son and hubby, reset the DSL box again.
While son and hubby, tried the computer again.

Then...for me to pick up the phone to call the service provider, and find out we don't have a phone line. Oh, so that's why we don't have computer service.

So I get in the truck, drive to the top of the hill and use my cell to call the phone company. They write up a repair ticket, ask if someone will be home tomorrow in case they need to come by and I drive back home. phone....LOTS more sewing...

I pulled fabric, and starting cutting and then stitching and then WAH LA!!

It's all ready to quilt....

If I had backing and batting.... and I didn't have to clean and cook so Anne and Miss Nancy can come to sew/lunch day here tomorrow. We are also going to take a field trip to my LQS which is having a moving sale with 35% off fabric and 25% off of books/patterns and I have to get some backing and batting, don't I?? lol

Happy Sewing,

BTW, Internet and phone mysteriously appeared fixed this morning and for those that care, oldest daughter is to be induced on Thursday...I will be driving up there Thursday am and will have photos posted asap.


Carolyn said...

Jersey Boys and Rigazzis in one day - can't get much better!!! I looked at the menu and I know we will need to order more than just 2 dinners - I see an appetizer in our future - wink - and maybe even a frozen fishbowl

I can't believe how much you are getting done!! My fingers would be sore LOL

So for sure Abigal is coming out Thursday?? You wouldn't be teasing me would you???

Your sis

Solstitches said...

That's a very pretty wallhanging.
Have fun at the LQS. I hope you find lots of bargains.