Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yea!! I am HOME.....

Oh, it feels so nice to be in my own house again. It was really nice (and I hope helpful) to be at our daughters. She did ask me if I was coming back this Monday. Uh, NO.... I got to spend quality time with her, the two grandkids and the new baby.

Sweet isn't she??

and big sister and big brother playing on on a school snow day....Right after this photo was taken, Jackson lost his balance and dropped the lid of the computer on top of Grace closing the game down. Oh, there was some fussing

They love having a "stay at home" day, although it would be nice to have the snow spaced a bit more, as two stay at home days in a row is not a good thing.

So yesterday, I sat around a did nothing other than look through the mail, (come back tomorrow, when I will have photos of what I won from Christine) read some email and we had KFC for dinner. Too tired to cook. Today I seem to have my energy back as already I have
1. cleaned out the pantry, the spice cabinet and the fridge.
2. done three loads of wash.
3. made a grocery list, weeks menu and shopped

Now I need to tackle the sewing room. Before I left, I just tossed things in there and now it needs a "picking up". Or maybe I will do that tomorrow when everyone is gone and the house is quiet and I don't have to listen to FOX News all day.

Yea, maybe tomorrow.......

Happy Sewing,


Sweet P said...

She is an adorable young lady. Snow days are fun, but two in a row can be a lot. Enjoy your quiet time tomorrow.

Ginger Patches said...

What precious grandbabies you have :)

Solstitches said...

Welcome home. The baby is adorable as are your two other grandchildren.