Friday, February 29, 2008

Pitiful Pearl Paper Pieces......

I joined Spring Fling Round Robin.
I found Quilters Cache and this block.

Ok, it turned out to be a paper pieced block. I can do that. I took a class and did this....

I know you can't tell from the photo, but this is a mini quilt and only about 15 inches across.

So earlier this week, I printed out the pattern and got down to business. I chose a pretty red and yellow with white for the background. I really tried hard. After sewing the four blocks together, it was all warped along the edges. I asked here and you all gave me great insight. Miss Nancy and I emailed back and forth last night and even though she paper pieces all the time, she couldn't tell me why the right side was all warped. Then Linda called me last night. HELLO!! Trace Atkins is taking his shirt off on Celebrity Apprentice!! WOO HOO....he's a hotty... I hit the DVR button and listened as she gave me loads of advice. So, back to the quilt shop today to get two more FQ's. I already used the two I bought Monday.... Of course, first I have to drop Oliver off at the spa (as Sharon calls it) so he can smell better than a cess pool. Anyway, back to the paper piecing....

I got all four sections done. Then called Linda again, to ask her "When do I take the Paper off?" "Oh", she says in her cute Aussie accent, "you don't remove the paper". WHAT!! WHY?? She says it will destort the blocks edges as there are sure to be bias edges. WELL, why didn't someone tell me!! "Also", she says, "do a bit of a basting stitch around the edges to keep it all flat".

So here it is...........

The red in the background is not part of the block. It is just there because my carpet and the background is the same color and it looked stupid...

I won't show you the before one. I think I will cut it down and make something, or maybe I will trash it or maybe I will make it into a hot pad...who knows!!

Happy Sewing,


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Linda said...

Very cute block, see I told you, you could do

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Your mini quilt wow you have done a great job...great block

Bren said...

I detest paper piecing, but will need to do it in order to work on the CWDQ blocks. *sigh*
Your block turned out wonderful, I am afraid it would make me crazy to NOT remove the paper...I will be using muslin for the foundation in that case.