Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a little surprise.....

I love a good surprise... going out to dinner, friends dropping by, someone else unloading the dishwasher..

So I took off last Friday to town to do my usual payday errands. I needed to go to the post office, the bank, the grocery store. B-O-R-I-N-G!! So to break things up a bit I decided to see if my LQS had any fabric suitable for another couple of checkerboards. I was looking for some kind of black print and some kind of red print. Right off I found some red with white polka dots. I looked and looked for some kind of black print, but had to settle for a white with a black dot. I figured I can always use dots so I told her to cut 2 yards of each.

That's when she told me.....

"Did you know all fabric is 50% off?"


Now that is a nice surprise!!! I bought a couple of more yards...yea, just a couple.

See, most of you can go to your LQS and find a ton of fabric, but mine is almost bare. She is attempting to "down size in order to fit into a smaller store and ride out the recession". Her words. I moved here 3 years ago. She hasn't had a new bolt of fabric since then. For the first year, I didn't even notice. And then I realized that every time I went in, the same fabric was there,just moved around. I think with some good marketing she could turn this around. I was lucky to find these.



Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow what a deal! It's sad to say, but we have seen the same thing in some of our smaller quilt shops. Same fabric for a year or more!!! And then they don't mark any of it down :-( I visited a big quilt shop in SC a month ago, and sad to say I could not find a single thing I wanted to purchase. Most of the stuff was just too old. Hope your LQS sees the light.


You did find some nice fabric there--polka dots are always safe sash builder if nothing else--have a great day--hugs, Di

Beth Karese said...

What a great deal! It's sad that the LQS is struggling. I drove across town last night to one of my favorite LQS's (it was highlighted in a quilting mag a few years back). I picked up some fat quarters and found that they had raised the price. It seems everyone has had to make adjustments to survive.

I'm sooo behind on blogs, so a couple quick comments on your older posts... I LOVE all the projects on your design wall! Applique is my current weakness, so I can't wait to see your Tweet D Pie and Lilly Pilly. Your checkerboard project was a great idea! Such a simple, easy gift. I'd seen the technique for piecing small squares before and appreciated your "review". Happy stitching!