Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Cleaning/Cooking Day....

Cause really, isn't that what everyone is doing today? If you are hosting Thanksgiving you are running around stuffing shit into drawers, mopping the floors and trying to figure out how to get the dog to stop barking at every leaf that blows by the back door. If you are going to be a guest, you are probably cooking or baking items to take with you...then Friday you will have to clean your kitchen...right after you get home from shopping...

I think I like hosting better. I have leftovers to serve on Friday and Saturday and Sunday if I can disguise them enough...and my shit is already shoved into drawers so the house looks clean.

Today my list contains -
Make fried corn
make hot rolls (really...cause no one really cares if the rolls are hot, they just want to soak up the gravy or slather butter on them)
shove shit into drawers (or sewing room if it won't fit into the drawers)
wash windows
wash big roaster (which stays in the garage) to put potatoes in to bake
set table (I printed some Thanksgiving place cards for the grandkids to color)

I know my list will get longer as the day goes on.

Have a great day!! Mine starts NOW!!!!


ps to Margi -The recipe for the fried corn is at the bottom of this post. It is a staple at all family dinners...


Caryn said...

OMG Nancy you are so funny! You totally nailed it! I shoved my shit into drawers (and my bedroom closet) last night - tonight is the baking.

OsageBluffquilter said...

Just a quick thank you for the placemat cards. I am printing them and then off to stuff more shit too! You are so funny1

Have a great thanksgiving day!

Trudi said...

Sounds like Christmas eve in my house! That reminds me, I need to shovel the shit from the spare bed so my son has somewhere to sleep :-) Happy Thanks giving to you and yours Nancy!

Pat said... sure did nail it! Here, though, I have to unshovel the shit from the sewing room and try to stuff it every place around the house so the grandkids can have it as a sleeping room. *sigh*

Placecards are a good idea. Wonder if I can get that done so the girls can color them for me??

Carolyn said...

My shit is already where it's supposed to be and my daughter cleaned for me (I Love Her Living with me for now!). So what am I supposed to do tonight when I get home from work......

I'm going to miss my handmade placemat made by O and A this year :( I hope you are making them some cupcakes, since Aunt Cupcake can't be there.

Thanks for posting the Fried Corn recipe - I would have been calling you tomorrow morning for the recipe because I don't have it in my recipe book - I DO NOW!!


aka Aunt Cupcake

Hmmmmmmm - I'm going to have to look in your drawers and closets next time I visit ;)

Carolyn said...
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Margie said...

Thanks Nancy for the recipe. Will give it a try. Sounds good!!

I guess we all do about the same things when we clean and cook. We are going to son's house but for some stupid reason I've cooked all day, and you are right am to darn tired to clean up my mess, so it is going to have to wait a bit!!!

Everyone have a good one!!

Gari said...

Well, your list looks a lot like my list, except for fried corn. But my turkey is already roasted and all the stuff for the dressing is ready. I'll shovel shit tomorrow and then just throw the food together. After all, it's family, isn't it?

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

So honest and true Nancy! Enjoy your Thanksgiving with family!

Brenda said...

Happy Thanksgiving Nancy! Hope it is full of love and laughter, and very little leftovers to put away, LOL! Have fun! B=)

Gran said...

Right on. Shoveling and all!