Thursday, December 17, 2009

He's making a list and checking it twice....

As I get older age gracefully, I find it harder and harder to remember what I am supposed to do and when I am supposed to do it..

I print a calendar that has all of my "dates" on it and it hangs on the fridge... but I try not to stand in front of the fridge for very long, because I will find myself opening it up and nibbling...even though I am not much of a nibbler...

What I do is sit at the computer.. so I found the perfect list maker...

I joined up and really it's the easiest thing. They ask very few questions and poof you can make your own list...for each day. You just type in the box under the date and it adds it to the list. I added it as a bookmark on my tool bar and now I can just click on the link and see what I am supposed to be know...instead of sitting here blogging...

Today on my list -

make meatballs for Saturday Christmas
order veggie tray for Saturday
wrap presents
do laundry


Off to call the deli and order the veggie tray and then start wrapping Christmas... Have to be sneaky as the Rock Star is on Christmas vacation already. He has perfect attendance so he doesn't have to take finals and gets off 2 days earlier than most.


PS-Funny Abbie story...(Abbie won't be 2 until February!)
Mom and Abbie driving to daycare at Yeesa's (lisa's)

Mom-Abbie, what do you want for Christmas?
Abbie - presents
Mom- what do you want in the present?
Abbie - um. milk
Mom - MILK?
Abbie - a sippy cup
Mom- a sippy cup?
Abbie - Gamma N'cie present (grandma nancy)

Abbie -Mommy, mommy,mommy,mommy what's that? (pointing out her window)
Mom-It's a big truck. What do you think is in the truck?
Abbie-fish sticks..

Isn't she the cutest??!!!


Stitched With Prayer said...

LOLOL, Nancy, that is just too cute. I love the What do you want for Christmas..."Presents!" Makes it a little hard to pick up what she wants doesn't it. Though I'm certain she will have new sippy cup somewhere in there, lol. I have a question about the contents of the truck answer. Does the little sweetie especially like fish sticks, or was that just an out of the air answer? So cute, thanks for sharing Nancy, I needed a good smile today. You are the second person that has posted about the list maker website. I'm going to have to check it out.

Cindy said...

Can't get enough of those funny things they say!!

Pat said...

I love the Abbie stories!! I found that list-making site yesterday and already am using it. Made me feel good to cross off some things already today. My granddaughter told her mom it would be nice if Santa just surprised her......that DOES make it hard to know what they want!

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Nancy,
I love your Abbie story.
That list site sounds like a fabulous idea as I'm much like you ...keep forgetting things and ending up on the computer or opening the fridge (sometimes for no other reason than its there.
Have a wonderful Christmas with Abbie...I'm sure she will just love the paper :)

Rhonda said...

Nancy, thanks for the link to lists making.....I have a pocket calendar that I use all the time so this is wonderful!!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Too funny!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Sweet, sweet Abby! Lucky you!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

The dresser is amazing!! Lucky you!
Merry Christmas Nancy!

bookwormbethie said...

this conversation is awesome! that is exactly why i like the conversation of little kids, often it makes no sense, but sometimes there are flashes of brilliance and great imagination! i'm so on her wavelength ;)