Monday, January 18, 2010

design wall monday 1-18-10

First up is the fourth and final piece of the bedroom set that DH is making. This will be his wardrobe. It will have drawers behind that left side door and then shelves on the right side (which also gets a door).

This is my newest project. Miss Nancy and I have joined 48 others in a 10 month long class. We will make 121 paper pieced blocks from this book.

I am starting out with these Civil War Reproduction fabrics. Some I had and some I bought at the first class.

And my first two blocks....

And now we have these... I love them..and so far the white dog has stayed off. We will see how long that lasts...

I am off to guild today... Hope there is lots of show and tell. That reminds me, I have a charity quilt to take.



Pat said...

LOVE the furniture.....the homemade and the store-bought!!! I need some HELP from you...cannot find my hot cocoa mix recipe that I believe I got from you and need to make more. Can you link me to where you have it on your blog? (OR do you have it easily at hand to email to me?) Enjoy guild today.

Brenda said...

Well aren't you lucky! New furniture and new projects?! Hello! I can't wait to see your hubby's new masterpiece, and your new quilt. I will bee watching and will be standing by with a little pick up JIC you don't like it ...I know I can find space for a little ol' wardrobe in my house, LOL!

Miss Nancy said...

Great looking furniture! You could easily cozy up on those sofas and stitch all day. Congratulations. The blocks look really good. I think I will have to show mine now.

Have a super great day.

Anonymous said...

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OsageBluffquilter said...

You will love that wardrobe. It is so much easier to find your shirts on a shelf then wadded in a drawer.
That paper piece book, are those 4 inch blocks?
Happy Foggy week . . or at least it's very soupy here.

Diane said...

beautiful furniture. Love your sofas. I have a white dog and a black dog-that's a dilema. Zebra fabric just won't go in the country house!