Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Resolutions....

Today I decided to clean the sewing room. I did a pretty good job, but I know for a fact it won't stay that way.

While I was cleaning and pitching, I found a few 9 UFO's...

I listed them on the side bar over there and thought I would list them out-loud today... would love to have these all finished by June....but who am I kidding.

1. Orange Challenge Quilt
This is a quilt I started as a challenge put out by Pat Sloan. The top is ready to be quilted.

2. Christmas Redwork
This one isn't even started yet, unless you count printing out the pattern from Gail Pan's blog.

3. Maisy
This one isn't started either. I bought the panel when Anne and Miss Nancy and I went shopping and had to have it. My second oldest grandson and I used to watch Maisy all the time when I watched him full time.

4.Christmas Table Topper
This is one of Rachels tutorials that was on the Moda Bake Shop.

5. Monkey Charity Quilt
Last year Cindy Lammons came to our quilt guild as a speaker. When she was leaving she handed me a stack of fabrics and asked if we could use them as a charity quilt. What she thought was a grandson turned out to be a granddaughter and she had decided to go with some fabrics that were a little more girly... I brought them home with me and NEED to get this done...

6. Pink Quilt
I have a pattern, charms and yardage to make a pink baby quilt. I bought it when we thought my niece was having a girl baby. She is having a boy baby.

7. Civil War Quilt
I have 20 FQ's of Civil War reproduction fabric and a Terry Atkinson pattern

8. Sweetie D Pie
I have the center block almost done and all the charms ready. I also have some yardage.

9. Chicken Quilt
Needs one inner border and then the outer border and then quilted.\

There is also a group of us that started a yahoo group to do a Christmas gift/project a month. We list our pattern/fabric on the first (dang, that's today and I haven't done it) and then we show our finished project on the last day of the month. Then hopefully when Christmas comes around we have 11 handmade items to give as gifts. Cool huh?

So there it is in black and white. My New Years Resolutions if you must.

Let's check in June and see what I got done...LOL



Pat said...

Nancy at Patchwork Penguin (her blog) has a UFO challenge...this is the second year. She has us choose 10 UFO's and assign each a number. the 2nd of each month, she chooses a number from 1-10 and we try to get THAT numbered UFO done during that month. (She doesn't choose any numbers in November and December since they are such busy months.) I'm going to try that with her group this year. She takes new people at any point, in case you are interested.

Amy said...

This is a good goal to set. It does help to say it out loud. I myself am trying to get my UFOs and WIPs in order. It is a major undertaking. I guess if I didn't like fabric so much this wouldn't be a problem. LOL!

Trudi said...

Great list Nancy! I'm pleased to say I finished my Orange Pile Challege quilt, and its one of my fave's! But I still haven't quilted the Double Delight I made this time last year! I have way too many UFO's and WIPs but they are my goal this year too! I Like Pat's suggestion too. :)

Brenda said...

You are too funny. How can something that isn't even started be on your UFO list? LOL~! Man, you are a tyrant! Those go on your "wishlist"... as in, I want to make these; not on the, "I'm such a slacker" pile! hee-hee. Now I would suggest you start with the one that needs the two borders, borders are easy, then you take that one (after the borders are on there) and stack it with the orange challenge quilt, AND ship them off to a long arm quilter to be quilted! TADA!!!!! Now, after these two have been trimmed off by being "outsourced", and the wishlist projects have been taken off the list, you only have TWO things to make, the Sweetie D Pie and the Monkey Wrench quilt. SEE? It's not so can do it!!! Hee-hee.

Anonymous said...

Quite ambitious...! I wouldn't dare list mine outloud! Good luck.

Lorraine said...

Good luck!..I have loads of kits/BOMs to do...but if they aren't started are they UFOs...LOLOL...I think I am in denial! I am not setting myself any stitching goals this year...oh...except to spend more time at it! wish me luck!!

Gari said...

Good luck. For some reason I can't be that organized.

Miss Nancy said...

Very Ambitious Challenge! I am trying to get organized in the same fashion. I am just slow on the draw here. Have just as many projects to do, maybe even more. My first goal for 2010 is to make my patriotic quilts for two sons and one son's friend. I want that done ASAP. Have a great day and Happy 2010!