Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Rock Star and the Telemarketer.....

Actual conversation -

Phone rings ................

RS - Hello

Telemarketer - I am calling to do a survey on Movies. Is there a male in the house?

RS - No

Telemarketer - Oh, do you go to the movies?

RS - No, I make movies

Telemarketer - Oh, what kind of movies do you make?

RS - mostly independent films

Telemarketer - Oh, would I have heard of any of them?

RS - have you heard of E.T.?

Telemarketer - yes, I have. Is that your film?

RS - Yea.

Telemarketer - um....what's your name?

RS - Steven Spielberg

Telemarketer - Oh, well...goodbye.

FYI - I am NOT Steven Spielbergs mother, but I will let the Rock Star continue to answer the phone....

Happy Christmas Eve,



Pat said...

Oh....I just LOVE it!!! I predict big things in the future for your young Rock Star since he can think on his feet so quickly like that!!! :)

Joanna said...

Love it!!! Can I borrow him to be my official phone-answerer??!!

Carolyn said...

And that's why he is my favorite!!!!!

The Rock Stars Aunt...

Val said...

Ya gotta love them kids! He's a quick thinker and going to go far. Would have loved to see the face on the other end, LOL.

jacquie said...

totally great...may have a career in comedy as well. hope you had a lovely christmas.