Saturday, December 6, 2008

To my OLDER sister!!!

Have a wonderful day with your daughter being pampered.....

From your younger sister,


Carolyn said...

OK - you must now blog about what actually happened today and about what has been happening behind the scenes!!

For all - my sisters are pretty great - they organized for, cooked for, shopped for, invited for, set up for, cleaned up after a surprise Birthday Party for me.

Oh- there's more - Nancy, you must tell them the venue for this great party!!!

So THAT is what has been going on behind the scenes!


And you must beg her to post a photo of her gift to me - I will leave the honor to her.

Your Sis - Carolyn

Pat said...

I was going to post this a.m. to ask how the party went, but I can see from Carolyn's comment that it was quite an exciting day....can't wait to see photos and hear more from you about the day, Nancy!!! And...Happy Birthday, Carolyn.

Carolyn said...

Pat - looks like "everybody" knew but me :)

I'm sure she's resting this morning - she worked hard yesterday!