Thursday, January 29, 2009

I spent today making a charity quilt. I have a whole bucket of polka dots and decided to just cut and stitch. I still have a whole bucket left. How does that work?

I used the last of the bread tonight and made garlic bread along with Chicken Parmesan and a side of spaghetti. YUMMY!!

Tonight while DH listens to FOXNEWS, I will work on my next redwork block.

Happy Sewing,


Dragon's Dolphin said...

your charity quilt is beautiful! I love all the polka dots! Wish I had the stashes y'all have! I can't believe you did all of this in one day! Lordy, I'm lucky to get that much done in a month!

Pat said...

I love that charity quilt.....simple but it REALLY pops!!! YUMMMM for the chicken parm, too! :)

Linda said...

Terrifc quilt Nancy, glad you've got that twitch under control (*). Dinner sounds like it was yummy. Where was my invitation?

~Bren~ said...

Wonderful quilt. Those polka dots are multiplying while you sleep!!!
My DH is a HUGE Fox News watcher! I have stitched many quilting stitches while listening to that news channel!

Lilly said...

What a nifty quilt. Great job! I just made a flannel quilt, and thought it would use up all my flannels, but I thing I have enought left to make another one! Glad your eye is better. That must have been a real bummer. Take care..TTFN....Lilly

Anonymous said...

Your quilt looks great. It's funny how those scraps seem to multiply, isn't it? I always think I'm going to use mine up, but I never do. I just get a bigger basket to hold them!

Happy Day,