Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hubby's new project....

I am a really lucky wife... My hubby loves to do woodworking and as soon as he finishes one project he is onto the next. The last project was a small wooden box.
Now he has decided to build new bedroom furniture for us.

First up are the night stands. He is using poplar and will stain them a dark oak color. He is working on the two (actually 4) drawers now. He does really good work and loves to do it. He is also quick. These were started 2 weekends ago and it will only be a couple of more weekends and he will be finished. Then I will have to find something to do with my side tables I am using now.

Aren't they nice?

The Rock Star and I woke up to a problem this morning. Actually I knew about it last night, but at 11:45pm there isn't a whole lot you can do with a flat tire. So this morning, he used the air compressor to air it up and we flew up to WallyWorld to get it fixed. At the same time I had some items to mail to the grandkids.


This young girl was in front of me at the post office. Let's listen in....\

first off the YG is on the phone and continues to talk on her phone even after she realizes it is her turn in line and the POE is staring at her.... (so rude!!)

YG (young girl)... I need a box.
POE (post off employee) ... what size of box do you need?
YG for my camera
POE Do you want to mail the camera priority? or parcel post?
YG um.. it needs to get there tomorrow
POE You will need to send it express (POE leaves to get the appropriate box)
YG - How much will it cost?
POE - The box is free, you just pay for postage.
YG - How much will postage be?
POE - Where is it going?

YG - (are you ready?) Church camp


POE - Where is church camp?
YG - Um...I don't know.
POE - Do you have the address?
YG - No
POE - Well, do you know what city or state?
YG -'s not far. About 2 hours from here... How much would that cost?
POE - I really need the address to give you a price.
YG - oh.
POE - is there anything else?
YG - no.

at this point the POE reaches for my packages and starts to weigh them. The YG is still standing there. The POE looks over at her. The YG says - um....can I take the box home and bring it back?

WOW....maybe next time she needs to be more informed? Maybe she just doesn't understand that the PO uses address's to figure cost?

We are still waiting for the call to say the flat tire is fixed. I have once again lost the camera... I got the little tote bag/purse finished last night and I only have a bit of quilting to do on the baby quilt so maybe I will edit this post before tomorrow and have some photos...

If not, I will take a photo of the fixed tire. how about that?



Gran said...

Your DH sure makes nice things. He is talented and the attention to detail is very, very obvious. The style of the end tables is so classic looking. Beautiful!

Janet said...

Dh is a talented man and isn' it great that he has something to do while you are quilting. Funny story, I bet you were laughing on the inside!

Pat said...

The side tables look wonderful.....he is very talented. Had to laugh at how clueless that young girl was in the post office. I know there are signs in our post office that you cannot be on the phone when you approach the counter...for security reasons. I don't quite UNDERSTAND that...and why being on the phone there could pose a security risk, but I know they enforce it as I've seen them do just that.

Lorraine said...

....Your camera has probably gone to church camp...LOL.....Oh I crack myself up...!! your hubby sure is talented.....lucky you!

Sweet P said...

The tables are gorgeous. You are one lucky woman.

YG like her make me wonder what is being taught in school these days.

Qubie said...

Your hubby does great work? Is he for hire?

I would have told the girl I have your church camps address right here and given her you address instead. Like she would ever know. Lol.

At our post office if your on the phone they yell at you saying you can't be on the phone in here and if your still on it by the time you get to them they will not help you and make you go to the end of the line.

Carin said...

ROFL!! having worked at the post office for a time I have seen this played out more times that you would believe.

Beautiful tables.

Becky said...

Your husband woodworks like I sew. I try to have the material ready for the next project as the one I am working on is almost finished.

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

The tables are wonderful ..Does he do commission work? teehee.

The post office story is hilarious. I was laughing out loud.


Val said...

WOW is all I can say! Lucky you to have such a talented woodworker. I love the night stands.

Brenda said...

OK, I'm still laughing about the PO incident. Unfreakinbelievable, LOL!