Friday, July 31, 2009

well, crap.

Image from google images

I can't find my camera anywhere. I had it last Monday at my nieces house taking photos of her weeks old baby. I kind of remember putting it in my purse, but it's not there...or anywhere else for that matter. I actually stopped by her house yesterday to ask if I could search under her couch. No luck. I miss my camera. Blogging is boring without photos. I can't show you the doll quilt I am working on for that special little girl. I can't show you the cute tote bag with the "K" appliqued on it and some rick rack. I can't show you the weeks old baby photos I took.

Maybe I should stop searching and it will show up?

I know it will be in the last place I look.... because then I will stop looking...

So, I am off to clean. Maybe it will pop up somewhere...

Happy Sewing,
Wish me luck....

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