Friday, July 31, 2009


I FOUND IT!!! When I wasn't hunting in drawers, cabinets and under fabric it popped up...just like that!!

This whole time it was sitting on the floor of the backseat of my car. My camera case is orange on one side, black on the other. It must have fallen out of my purse, landed black side up (on dark gray floor) and I missed it every time I searched that blasted car. Come's a VW many places are there to hide?

As soon as I finish cleaning,which could be tomorrow since I only have the laundry room done, I will post photos for all!

Yippee......celebrate with me!!

Happy Snapping,


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Pat said...

I'm glad you found it...but heck, don't make us wait until you finish cleaning!!!

Sharon said...

I had something similar happen with my sunglasses. I had searched for ages, rang up the shops I had been too, all the usuaual spots and most of the unlikely spots before I gave up and bought a new pair. Imagine my surprise when less than a week later I found them.
The day was a little cooler so I point on the jacket I had just dumped behind my drivers seat...then was a lump in my sunnies.
I remember, I was going into a shopping centre so I had put my sunnies in it, then decided I didn't need the jacjket either so had flung it in the back seat.
BTW the searches were not entirely fruitless as i found some stuff I had been looking for a while. My most important find was the table runner kit my eldest son & his wife had bought me while holidaying in Canada (when they got engaged)
Looking forward to seeing the photos
Stiches on Mars

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