Thursday, May 20, 2010

the one about getting 3 kids where they need to go....

oh my... I so admire all you young mothers out there. You make it look and sound so easy. The last two days I was totally responsible for 3 kids (8,7 and 2).

My day started at 4:30pm...

Pick up bitty from daycare.

Take her to Walmart and buy Milk and cookies. I couldn't take her to the grocery store cause her Dad works at the grocery store and everyone knows her and it takes forever to get out again AND he wasn't there and how do you explain to a 2 year old that your Dad isn't at work AND isn't at home? (cause he is with my daughter out of town)

Pick up big kids from school which means I had to get bitty out of the truck, sign out the big kids and then show ID to the after school program police so I could actually take them home. Don't you think that two kids running and yelling "Grandma!!" would be ID enough? Oh no, I had to show my drivers license and they had to compare it to the name that my daughter gave them. I kept telling them I knew the "secret number", but I never did get to prove it.

Drive to Little Ceasers Pizza and park right up front and let the 8 year old go in and order the pizza and pay for it and bring the change AND the pizza back to the truck. She did a great job.

Drive to the gas station and get ice cause the ice maker doesn't work and even though the 8 year old told me over and over that there is cold water at home, I couldn't get her to understand that I needed ICE not cold water...

Drive home and try to get the key to work in the door while keeping bitty on the porch, holding the pizza and making sure the big kids know that they can play AFTER dinner. I never did learn to juggle.

Feed them. Pizza and cookies. Hey, that's a balanced meal. They had a cookie in each hand...

Let them play tag outside and I got to be base.

Give Bitty a bath. Then dress her in her jammies while listening to her tell me how the jammies go on and "Gama Ancy, da yegs go here".

Get the big kids back into the house to take showers. They didn't even argue about who goes first...good kids..

Let them have more cookies. I am the grandma...therefore they can eat more cookies.

Get bitty to bed..which means three books, a drink of water, two blankets, two lovies and pat my back... Oh and she kept saying something else, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was. (I eventually was told she was asking for me to "dernondafan"...) She likes the white noise of the hall fan.

Get the big kids to bed which was surprisingly easy and they fell right to sleep. Oh, except for one of them that banged her head (twice) on the wall and then had to come down and get some kind of white gooey stuff out of her backpack so it could "dry out".

Then me and Glee and Parenthood and fall asleep on the couch..

Up this morning at 5:30am to shower, dress and get them all ready for school and daycare. We left right on time and nobody forgot anything. I call that a successful morning.

Now I am back home and tired... and packing for a fun trip this weekend. I will be gone until Sunday...

Want to guess where I going?



Rhonda said...

Nancy, I am laughing so hard! I hear you....I don't know how these young parents do it and you had to look after 3....OMG! You did a great job and I have it on good authority that cookies are "very healthy" food!!!!!
I have two grans ages 1.6yrs and 1.1yrs.....kept them overnight...I thought a big mack truck had run over me by the time their parents picked them up the next day!
Enjoy your retreat/outing!!!!!

Bren said...

I completely understand!!! And yes, you are the grandma so they get cookies.
Don't you just LOVE show on tv!

Miss Nancy said...

Tiring, yes, but you enjoyed every minute of it. I know you did. You did a great job and the kids loved having you there. Who else but grandma would serve pizza and cookies!!!

Enjoy the sewing weekend. I have two ballgames in three days, an overnight guest, and today it is raining and the weekend is to turn warm. Sew an extra seem for me.

Have a great day and a super great weekend.

Carolyn said...

and that's why they love their gamma ancy!!!

Margie said...

Love reading your writings. You made me laugh this morning and I needed that! All my grand kids are grown but I remember those days ohhhh so very well. Enjoy them Nancy, they grow up way to fast!!!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Now I know what's in store for me. I get our 3 grandkids the 2nd weekend in June, Parents are going on a float trip. Thank goodness (I guess) no school to deal with then.
We love those kids to death but they can wear us out!

Trudi said...

And who would doubt you couldn't do it Nancy? Hey, you've done it all before haven't you! Gamma's are the best! Have a fun weekend! (retreating?)

Sweet P said...

What a fun afternoon and morning. Isn't being a grandma the best thing ever? I hope you have fun this weekend.

Susan said...

I have enjoyed my journey through your page. Thank you for letting me visit.