Saturday, May 8, 2010

some WIPS...

4 quilts ready to be basted and quilted

2 charm packs of Make Life by Sweetwater to make a quilt
these are actually in some kind of order!!

FINISHED!! This clutch was a class at quilt guild.
put away with Christmas stuff..

Commission diaper bag ready
need to make one more in chocolate and blue for the same lady

And I am waiting for permission to post the sauce recipe. I have it all written down and all the photos taken...


Tonight is PROM!! The Son will be wearing a Tuxedo and everything (everything being funky shoes that I will be sure to get in a photo)

I have already warned him that I will be following him to the Girlfriends house for photos.



Linda said...

You have been busy, love the birds and pinwheel quilt top.

Suzanne said...

Oh Nancy! What great projects. Those two bags with the touch of grey are scrumptious! Love your work. I agree with Linda, you are busy.

Miss Nancy said...

I hope there are no tomatoes in that sauce. It looks like there are tomatoes in that sauce.
You have been such a busy bee with so many WIPS and getting son ready for the Prom and making that tomatoey sauce. Wish I could handle tomatoes.
Going to the Prom is really special. I hope he and his friends have a grand night of it.

Have a great Mother's Day.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Busy lady! Can't wait to see the prom photos. Seem only yesterday..