Wednesday, June 9, 2010

it pays to be nice....

Hubby asked if I loved him...

if so

would I please call and enroll him in a seminar for some C.E credits..

(he hates to talk on the phone)

so i do

and i did

then i was reading on facebook

that Jackie did a little face lift of her online shop

and of course, i had to go look

and then i think i said

oh look she has Kona charm packs


Kona in charcoal

and i think i said it out loud

cause then the credit card came sailing over to the couch

and hubby said i could order some


for being nice..

i think i might be more nice..



Momma Made This said...

You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours. A little to the left, please! : D

I love that you wrote about this; it really is a part of being married. And a huge part of quilting!

~ Ronda

Trudi said...

:) gotta love those moments! :)

Jackie said...

You are too funny! I wish the credit card would sail over to my side of the couch more often. Got your order and it will go out first thing in the AM. Enjoy and thanks for the shout out.

Gran said...

You too are a real pair of NICE PEOPLE!

Sweet P said...

What a sweet wife with a sweet hubby!

Dandelion Quilts said...

What a cute story!!!! Glad your crazy blocks got sorted out right....sometimes quilting can be frustrating, it is nice to have friends.