Friday, April 4, 2008

Look twice, stitch once.....

I was so excited. I finished another block for my Winter Wonderland quilt. I am doing this block with a yahoo group as a BOM and I started it last year...I only have 3 blocks left. We are keeping track on the group using Yahoo's database. I went in this morning to update mine with the finish date.. WHAT!! It's already filled out!! OH NO...I made this block twice. Dang It!! Well, it won't go to waste, I will make it into a pillow for a Christmas present. Don't know who will get it but I will finish it and put it with my stash. Guess I will trace off the HUGE top block. You can see this pattern here. That is one big top block.... It is going to take me forever.

I have also started working on Lynette Anderson's Noahs Ark BOM. She is on block 2 which I started and finished last night while watching Eli Stone..I love that show. It's so inventive. I hope it lasts. Anyway....this will be a small wallhanging as this block is only 2" square. I think I may redo this one as the beak is a little bit dark and needs to be a lighter brown. Then to trace off the first block. Yea, I started with block 2.

Today is grocery shopping, gray hair removal and errand day....better be off to shower.

Happy Sewing,


Janell said...

I love that you did this twice...No really, I've done that before. It is a lot of stitching to think about duplicating but think how lucky someone will be to get it eventually! You made me giggle when I read this today.

Lisa Boyer said...

Awww...I love the little snowman family! Your stitcheries are adorable and you're giving me the bug! Nooooooooo....must resist....too many projects to finissshhhhhh....oh heck. Where did I store my embroidery hoop?

susanm said...

Hi Love your snow family and would love to embroider them. Could I have the pattern or direct me to where I could get it.
Love your work and will be visiting often if that is okay with you?

Betweens said...

Nancy the Noah blocks are adorable and you can blog as much as you like about them.. LOL.. your snowmen redwork is beautiful as well love your blogging thanks for sharing