Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No Way!!! ......and way

Look what I won!! I was the first to comment on this blog and got these. Are they not the cutest notecards? These babies will not be going out in the mail to anyone. I will frame them and hang them in the grandkids room. They will fit in perfectly with the 30's theme. Thank you so much Carrie.

I am almost all packed for my trip to Paducah. I will be staying tonight at my Mom's as she is closer to the bus pickup. The bus leaves early, early, early.... like 6am and to get a good seat (like up front!) you have to be there at 5:15am when the bus shows up. YIKES!! I will be sleeping all the way there. Got to keep my strength up so I can SHOP!!

If I don't sleep all day Friday, I will post pictures. Here is a link to the Best in Show from this year. I didn't realize that the winner got a choice to keep her (his) winning quilt OR the $10,000.00. Hmm....not sure what I would pick?? Not that I will ever have to worry about it. lol

So, off to finish packing.'
comfy shoes...check

Hope I don't forget anything...

Happy Sewing,
PS check my bag in the previous post and say HI if you see me....I will be wearing it.

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