Sunday, August 10, 2008

Klutz Footies??

photo borrowed from OzQuilting

Klutz Gloves were first introduced by Fons and Porter. You wear one on your non-cutting hand so if your Rotary Cutter jumps track you don't slice through your hand. Now I think Fon's and Porter needs to introduce Klutz Footies. Thin booties made of the same fabric to wear while walking around your sewing room. WHY??
If I would have had some of those, this wouldn't have happened.

Tuesday morning I was pressing some Kona Cotton. I was getting it ready to transfer a few more basket blocks for my redwork A Tisket, A Tasket quilt. I turned around and "shoot, that hurts". I reached down and pulled a needle out of my left great toe. I hobbled around for a few minutes and promptly forgot all about it. That night I noticed that my toe was red and showed my DH what had happened. We really weren't too surprised, I DID put a needle in it. The next day it was still sore and by Wednesday night it was not only red, but swollen and a little warm to the touch.
After thinking about it a bit, I said, "I wonder if maybe the needle broke in half?" I decided Thursday morning to call the dr's office and get in to show it to him. I figured I needed an antibiotic. Well, the dr's office was very busy, one dr is in China adopting a baby, one on vacation and one had a death in the family. They were down to two physicians and there was no way they could see me. They suggested I go to the ER. I really had a problem with that. I am a nurse, I don't like to go to the ER. The ER is for people that are bleeding, not breathing, in car accidents...etc.... Not for me that has a little red toe. BUT, I went anyway. I felt totally silly. Here I am in a trauma room with a red toe. The ER doc ordered an xray, so down the hall I go. I used to work in a hospital. I KNOW that the xray tech can't tell me anything. I ask anyway! lol Her response? "oh, I really can't tell you anything, BUT doesn't it feel like something is sticking you in there?" HOLY CRAP!! WHAT!!?? YEP! I have half of a size 9 redwork needle broken off in my toe. The ER doc says he won't touch it and wants to send me to a Podiatrist about 30 miles away.. Now, what you don't know is that our son (who is 16) has driven me to the ER. He only has his learners permit. I don't know that I want him to drive me to the Podiatrist 30 miles away. It's enough trauma that I have to have this dang needle removed from my foot by a dr that I don't know in an office I have never been to. So I called my sister (the guest blogger) and she was nice enough to send her daughter to drive me. Katie and I dropped off Rock Star at McDonalds to work his shift and took off for the Podiatrist. We had in hand my xrays on a CD. No ol'fashioned films in a brown jacket for me.... The Podiatrist gave me the news.
"no eating/drinking after midnight, go to the hospital for blood tests, take this antibiotic tonight and in the am...." WAIT!! What is going on?? "oh, we can't take this out in the office, we have to sedate you and dig for it", she says calmly.
So, Friday afternoon I had the other half of the needle dug out. I am now home with a walker and completely dependant on DH to get me a drink, my sewing (yes, I am still using needles) and anything else. See those clothes behind my foot? I folded them and they will probably sit there for awhile before he decides they need to be put away.
Oh, and because that isn't enough excitement for the weekend. Tune in tommorow and let me tell you about the Rock Star and the Police Raid....
AND I need more size 9 needles...

Happy Sewing,


Sweet P said...

Mmmmm . . . you may have convinced to start wearing socks when I sew. I'm always barefoot in my sewing room! I hope you're up and avout soon.

I have nearly finished my Valori Wells challenge project. I just need to go to Joann's to buy thread to sew down the binding. I don't have any thread that matches the fabric.

Take care of yourself!

Daisie said...

Poor you! Hope you are soon feeling better, glad to see it hasn't put you off needle craft for long! Haha!

quiltingcindy said...

Oh dear! I'm a barefoot sewer but your story might convince me otherwise. Hope you are soon much better and until then may your size 9 needles always be where you can reach them.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Oh dear you poor thing....I always walk around with bare feet...glove is a great idea...please take care...

Brenda said...

Ouch,Ouch,Ouch! Can you feel my pain? I sure feel yours! So sorry your tootsie is in a pinch. Hope you're all better soon!

Linda said...

You'll do anything for attention won't you!!!!! Sorry, just had to say that, you silly chook, not a clever thing to do. Do hope your hubby is tending to your every want and need....... big Hugs.

Lorraine said...

Ouch!! poor thing....and milk it for all it is worth I say!! LOL....can't wait for the next instalment re the Rock Star and the Police Raid....and I hope someone comes to your aid and brings you more needles....somebody stood on the last one you had left and broke it!! Hope you are up and about soon.....!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh my word...your foot! All that for a needle! You must have really step on it for it to break! OUCH!

I hope you make a swift recovery and are quickly back on your feet!

Best Wishes

craftydiane said...

I just found your blog and read about your needle in the toe incident. I did the same thing several years ago. Only I knew immediately that part of the needle was in my foot as when I leaned over and picked up the needle I could see half was gone. As it was late in the evening I went to the er and the doctor took it out while watching it on the xray TV. The stupid thing broke in half inside my foot and it was really hard to get out. Yours was much worse as you didn't realize it had broken off in your foot and so infection set in. Me, like you, did not let it stop me from using needles! My husband still fusses at me everytime he sees a needle on the floor! Take care and be careful!