Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nerves of Steel.....

Well, it finally happened. I asked the Rock Star to run to the grocery store for me. I stood by the front window and watched him back out of the driveway and my heart caught.... I finally called DD#1 hoping she would distract me. Halfway through the conversation the second line beeped. It was the cell phone. I hurriedly clicked over and held my breath.....

"Mom, do you want the ground beef, the ground chuck or something with 80 in it?"

He said he knew the phone ringing would scare me and he stood in front of the meat case for 5 minutes trying to decide whether he should buy whatever ground meat looked right or call.

I broke out laughing and crying at the same time.

"Rock Star" I said, "either one will be fine."'

Then I called DD#1 back to make sure she knew everything was ok.

I have started working on my bag/bucket for Linda's swap. I have had the pattern in my head for awhile, but just today found the perfect fabric. Need some embellishments!! I think a Saturday trip to Hancocks is in order. Will show a sneak peak in a few days.

Happy Sewing,

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Jacquie said...

i get the same lump in my throat every time a call comes in from either of my sons. it stays there until i know the call is of the normal variety. i've had the "accident" call...i'll never forget it.