Thursday, August 21, 2008

Please, allow me to vent.....

Rock Star turned into a licensed driver last week and we decided that it was finally time to get him a cell phone. He got online, found the one he wanted and we ordered. So far, so good. right?? Uh huh... then the impossible happened. AT&T decided to use DHL to transport this package. "transport" being the operative word here.

Tuesday. Phone is scheduled for delivery. I don't live in a bad area of town, but we do have some construction going on in the subdivision and there are a lot of non-locals running through here. I stayed home all day (except to leave for 1 hour to have my stitches removed).

Tuesday night - no phone and tracking says it is scheduled for delivery on Wednesday.

Wednesday - Phone is on the delivery truck. Actually ON THE TRUCK. I stayed home all day waiting for the phone to arrive. Finally I call DHL tracking and am told that it is on the truck and will be delivered today.

Wednesday night - No phone. I call DHL again. The "representative" said that the driver HAD the package, but wait....the driver brought it back. They can't tell me why he brought it back, but it might be because it was time for him to go home. go home....go home? Yea, GO HOME!! So they are sure it will be delivered Thursday.

Thursday am - (Story for tomorrow) happens and I have to take Rock Star to school. I also decide to run to Wally World and get a few things we are out of because I haven't left the house for 2 days. Paper towels can get scratchy...I'm just saying...(as Sharon would say)
While in Wally World, my phone rings. "Hi", some young little girl says, "I'm calling from DHL and we have a package for delivery and would like to know if tomorrow would be alright for delivery?" This is said so innocently on her part I am sure she has no idea what she is in for.
I EXPLODE, In Wally World next to the milk case. I am ranting and raving like a maniac. I should tell you that I wear a headset, so I actually look like I am yelling at someone that isn't there, because I am standing there with my hands on my hips shouting to myself. "NO, TOMORROW IS NOT OK, today is ok, right now is even better, yesterday would have been acceptable and Tuesday would have been downright remarkable". "Tomorrow is not even a possibility" . Now I must say, she handled herself ok. She didn't hang up on me and I used bad words like "corporate account with DHL", crazy, not acceptable, let me talk to your supervisor words.....
No supervisor where she is. WHAT?? You are all alone? Ok, give me a number where I can call your supervisor....Um....I don't have one... What?? No phone number. (now remember, I am talking to myself at Walmart in front of the milk case, and yet security hasn't shown up yet, interesting) I finally hang up on her, get my TP home and sit down with "google". No Phone Number For DHL in Bridgeton, Missouri...NONE!! I finally called another DHL and told her I want the number to DHL in Bridgeton where the trucks come in and get loaded. Someone must be there and I want to talk to them now.... Um..I got a phone number...I am sure you aren't surpised.

So I called TED....Ted says "give me your tracking number" (no "please") I give it to him. He says, "oh, your package is scheduled to go out on tomorrows truck".
Now after repeating everything I have just told you, he decides that he will -

1. call a special courier in
2. deliver the package to my DH work
3. do it all by 2pm today

Today, Ted has a new entry in his book. Right next to my name it says "PISSED OFF BITCH" in bright red letters.

But, surprise. At exactly 2pm this afternoon a cell phone arrived at my DH work. nice work Ted. You should have done that on Tuesday.

Well, I did have some pretty pictures for you, but they will have to wait until tomorrow. I don't want to lose my steam by posting them here. I am still furious.

Happy Sewing, tune in tomorrow for the story that happened last night. It involves the Rock Star and another of his unending misadventures....



quiltingcindy said...

I'm sorry you had to experience "bad delivery". I think we have all been there. The last time I experienced it was when I ordered my machine. I seriously thought about killing the UPS man when he arrived 24 hrs late. Just as I got started to rip him a new one he said "Ma'am this is really heavy, where should I sit it for you?" I just shut up.

Thimbleanna said...

I must say, that was excellent venting! You and my hubby would get along great. Whenever we have an issue I just tell the person how sorry I am that they're going to have to deal with hubby. Anyway, you're a funny, funny girl!

Brenda said...

Now that you have vented you have permission to go into the cookie jar and find some comfort ... =) I'd send you some but I'd have to make some and that would mean I would need to vent, LOL! Maybe chocolate would be a better idea? HMMM....maybe tomorrow will be a better day, hang in there! I'm sending you a big hug to tie you over till you can find some goodies! =)

Daisie said...

DHL are really bad here too so you have made me feel better. Sorry you had such a hard time getting the phone!
At least you can go back to your lovely clean work room and people will keep out of your way at Walmart now, lol!!

Carolyn said...

I'm laughing so hard I can't write much more than:

:roflmao: (at both events)

Later - your sis :)

Linda said...

OMGosh I had to wipe away the flood of laugh tears so I could finish reading. That was sooooo funny!!
Way to go!!
hahahaha (bright red letters) hahahaha

Red Geranium Cottage said...

LOLOL!!! Love your new title!! I'm just sayin. LOLOL!!!