Tuesday, September 28, 2010

things i learned...

I wasn't planning on letting the "house" blog bleed over into this one....  but we have decided to have THAT blog (see the new button to the right?) made into a book at the end of this reno project so I can't put personal observations over there...

So this is a post on what I learned last week...

  • i can live without the internet
  • my hubby secretly likes cats and will make a trip to the store to get cat food for them
  • we get along better when we are working together
  • you can't take too many trips into town
  • i need to make a list so i don't forget something at the store
  • it's EXACTLY 9.5 miles from our house to town
  • we can hear the trucks on the highway at night...even though we are two miles away
  • if we don't talk to the stray dogs and don't feed the stray dogs and IGNORE the stray dogs they might go away....then again they might not
  • i can cook with only a microwave...an electric skillet...and a bbq pit  
  • and we only used the microwave for hot water...
  • I am really bad at decorating..
so...I could use some decorating help.  We will have dark hardwood floors in the living room, kitchen and dining room.  We will have carpet in the bedrooms.  I own two regular size dark chocolate brown sofas, one dark walnut end table and one dark oak coffee table.

I need to figure out...

  1. wall color
  2. trim color
  3. carpet color
  4. accent colors
  5. kitchen cabinet colors and counter tops and appliances and everything in the kitchen (can you tell we are gutting the kitchen ? lol )
The house doesn't get a lot of sunlight because of all the trees, so I need to stick with a lighter color palette.
So....any ideas?

I think tonight is the last meeting of my Civil War Love Letters group.  I haven't gotten any further along than last meeting so I hope to remember to take my camera and take photos of what everyone else has accomplished. 



Winona said...

Nancy, I am so excited for you. Now here are my thoughts. A light lemon color always makes a kitchen looks warm and inviting. I love light natural looking cabinets, but have seen some awesome cabinets painted white. I love hardwood floors and would hate to cover them with anything. Carpet in the bedrooms will feel warmer and more comfy. I would never choose white, but not real dark carpet either. Beige walls go with about any color scheme and they are light. Final thoughts....you are a quilter. Color is your life. Pick colors you love and work with them. Good luck. I am so looking forward to following along on this project. About the dogs....don't look in their eyes. If you do, you will be feeding them and they will never leave. LOL They probably belong to a neighbor, unless you are lucky like us and someone has dumped them on you. (frown) Also wanted to say we live 10 miles from the nearest town and it is a spit in the road. Love it out in the boonies. (grin) Good luck. Sorry to write a book. Winona

Cyndi loves to stitch said...


Diane said...

Try keeping a crockpot there also - get it going in the morning, it's ready to eat when you want it, and you don't have to stop and fix it.

Accent colors can be changed easily - for different seasons, or just a change of mood. Pick wall/carpet colors that are neutral but cozy, and liven things up with your accents.

Miss Nancy said...

This is exciting to watch the new house in progress. The hardwoods sound wonderful. Carpet in the bedrooms is the way to go for warmth in the winter. Light colors on the walls especially in the sewing room is good due to the wonderful shade you have.
I think the next Civil War Love Letters meeting is Oct. 26.

Have a super great day.

Tangos Treasures said...

I have simplify beige from Sherman Williams, great neutral color. It makes my house feel cozy!

Rita said...

I usually go with neutrals for the walls and floors then add accent colors in curtains, pillows, etc. That way if you get tired of it, you can easily change it out. Can't wait to watch the progress on your new home.

Patty Nordahl said...

I am having great fun watching this transformation. Been there done that and now I won't ever have to do it again.

Colors - pic a favorite quilt use the background for your backgrounds - and stronger colors for the accents. Civil war repros are for the most part restful colors and give you a good range of value and I seem to remember you are partial to them. I look forward to the continueing saga of the extreme reno.

Pat said...

Okay...so you can live without the internet for a week, but I'm betting it would get to you if you had stayed for two weeks (or longer).....LOL The others are making good suggestions on color and decorating, so I won't confuse you any further by adding my two cents! hehehe

Anne D said...

Sorry cant help you with the colours as I am worse than you when it comes to decorating although I can at least spell colour!!!!
The house will be great and I am enjoying your other blog. Make sure you get pictures of those civil war blocks.

Lindabee said...

I second the suggestion of a crock pot. I've made tons of things in mine and couldn't live without it. I agree looking over your quilts and take your colors from there. You may find that you choose colors you didn't know you liked. Don't work too hard.

Lindabee said...
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