Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back to school......

There are moments that I wish I would have gone to college. I know now I would have liked to study architecture. I adore houses and house plans and floor plans and such. Since I won't ever GO back to school, I decided that the closest thing would be to make some lunch bags. Are these not the cutest things. I will be making some for Easter gifts for my girls. I always get the grandkids Easter gifts, but rarely do I give the girls something. I think these will come in handy for them. Oldest daughter starts a new job after maternity leave and will be working the night shift so I know she will be taking her "lunch" and second daughter is in nursing school and takes her lunch also. You will notice that my lunch bags have something the project doesn't have. Handles.... I think a lunch box needs a handle, so I added one. The pink one was the first I made and the handle was attached a wee bit low, the batik one is better. Not sure what I will do with these as they are samples. They will decorate my sewing room for awhile until someone happens along and loves them. Now I need to search my stash for the perfect fabric for each of them.

Weather reports started yesterday am. Ice then snow. Took off for the post office and grocery store yesterday am hopefully ahead of the ice and snow. Came home expecting school to be closed early. Nothing... Got up this morning surely expecting some ice and snow. Nothing....school open. We have a forecast for 6-8 inches of snow. It was supposed to start late last night. Nothing.... so I am still waiting for the snow to start... Think I will wait in the sewing room with my fabric...

Happy Sewing


Kathie said...

they are adorable, I agree the handles are needed for lunch boxes
Love the pink one with the unexpected polka dots inside really cute.
I take my lunch when I go to quilt shows or out shopping for the day in case I don't want to spend the time or $$$ to stop for lunch

Amanda said...

I love he lunch boxes, too. I wouldn't even know how to attach handles, although I think they need them.

I am going to the Paducah Quilt Show with 5 friends. I thought about making treat bags out of this pattern. It's always fun to give stuff away, especially when people aren't expecting them.

Carolyn said...

Lunch box????????????????
I take my lunch ;)

Abbie is sooooo cute!!!!!

Oh yeah - it's 80 degrees and sunny and I'm off to Fort Lauderdale for lunch with "the mom"

I only have capris and sandles with w\me so I will have to stop and shop on the way to the airport :)

Later - Your sis