Tuesday, March 18, 2008

sewing day part 2......

I just finished two projects. Unfortunately these weren't UFO's. I have two UFO's, but don't have all the fabric for them.

So, I decided to make a purse for my second daughter for an Easter present. I think she will get more use out of a purse than a lunch box and I can always make her a lunch box when she graduates from nursing school in August.

The second project was a camera case. My camera didn't come with a case and I am very afraid it will get all banged up.... I think this will work...

Now, I need to get to the grocery store as we are out of food and I WILL have to cook for the 15 year old, although it can be something frozen...(as long as there aren't any veggies in it)

Happy Sewing,


Becky said...

Did you use a pattern for the camera case? My husband asked for a case for his GPS. Like your camera case. Maybe, I could make one a bit smaller for the GPS.

Take care

Becky said...

love the "A" line purse. so cute!

Stephanie said...

Love the purse! Great fabric!

I like the camera case, too. I've been thinking of getting a point and shoot digital to carry around since the nice one is so big, but thought they'd have cases with them. Hmmmm. That was a great idea you had!