Saturday, March 29, 2008

Boring and then some.....

Just a boring weekend here in Mid Missouri. I emailed a friend this morning to see if she was home and could I come pick up my Happy Hour book. "Yes, come before 9 please". Yikes....hurry and get dressed. She had borrowed it and I need it back. It's ok, she is done with it. I decided that since the boy's quilts match that the girls quilts should match, so I will be hunting for FQ's tomorrow at the quilt show. I don't keep up with the new lines of fabrics that come out, so don't have anything in particular to look for. I don't even know if I want brights or pastels. She is two and doesn't have a "style" yet. lol

After picking up the book (and asking her to go along to the show tomorrow), DH and I headed out to pick up a garage sale find... Wednesday I teach Redwork at my LQS. One of the ladies was apologizing for the black under her nails. She said she has been painting a chair to sell at her garage sale this weekend. A few questions later and I yelled "SOLD" and handed her a measly $5...

I love it....much better than the one formally in that spot.
This one was too scrolly for me...too fancy...anyone interested for $7?? LOL
You would have to pick it up...

Tonight we are dropping the Rock Star and 2 friends at a concert, then meeting DH sister and brother-in-law for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. We have never been there, but they get rave reviews.

Tomorrow I will be sewing the backing for Weaver Fever so I can get it to the quilter on Monday. I think an all over meander will work for this one.

It's to be a Christmas present for DH and will used as a couch quilt. HEY, don't tell him, it's a surprise.

Hope you all are having a great weekend.
Happy Sewing,

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