Tuesday, October 7, 2008

bits and pieces....

Weird day today... skies are gray with some rain falling. Rock Star is home sick. He hasn't been sick for 4 years. Perfect attendance in school until today. He did say he could do a Saturday detention and get his perfect attendance back as long as he only misses one day. If you have perfect attendance you don't have to take finals. A very powerful motivator in his world..

Took the dog to the groomer. Went to Target to pick up a Christmas gift. Went by Beauty Brands to use my free hairspray coupon. They are still out, so will check again this afternoon when I go back to get the dog.

Found this on the web. I think this would work for embroiderers that use a lot of thread colors. I use mainly red, so I won't try it. Would love to know if it works though. Might be nice to have all my threads precut. Hmm...might try it after all..

Oh, don't forget to vote for your favorite project. Go two posts back...only ONE DAY LEFT to vote...

Winners will announced sometime Friday evening...as I have Miss Abbie from Wednesday to Friday...

Happy Sewing,

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