Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some quick pics.....

just some quick photos of the grandkids at the pumpkin patch last week.... Hopefully I will get some Halloween photos this weekend.. (hint, hint)
Boy, that little one looks SO MUCH like her mother. They even have the same laugh/smile or whatever you want to call it....

I got the backing together for the mystery quilt. I will drop it off tomorrow at the LQS where my long armer works a couple of days a week. This weekend is the Log Home Expo and DH and I going to see if we want to buy some land and put up a log home for retirement (many moons down the road).... we have requirements.
Land must have no one around for miles, but close enough to town for me.
Enough room to have a work shop.
Walk out basement for sewing studio.
Loft and/or 2 guest rooms for grandkids or sister.
Low maintenance.
BIG porch.
Cook, house yea, that won't happen.

Happy Sewing,


Sweet P said...

Great photos! The children are adorable.

I would love to live in a log home. Are you going to have a fireplace too?

Carolyn said...

You're planning for my retirement too ;)? ?

Cute pix - but those kids never take anything but cute pix!!

Your Sister

Lilly said...

Adorable pictures!! Your retirement home sounds like one I would love. Especially if it came with a housekeeper, cook, and what the heck? Let have a grounds keeper also. My hubbie hates to do the weedeating.

Anonymous said...

Nancy: You sure don't want much.