Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Know...I Know....

We have a winner...a clear winner. Looks like Project B was chosen by more voters...

Have you heard the story about the older woman that had a baby? A friend came over to see the newborn. After sitting on the couch and visiting, the friend asked to see the baby. "In a little bit", said the new mom. A half hour of visiting later, the friend asked again. The new mom said, "it shouldn't be long now". "What?" said the friend? "what shouldn't be long now?"

"Listen" the new Mom said, "pretty soon the baby will wake up and cry".

Bewildered, the friend asked "well, can't I see the baby before she wakes up".

"NO", said the frustrated Mom, "I need her to cry cause I forgot where I put her!!".

(It's ok Karen....I know where Abbie is)

See, I picked up Abbie yesterday and she doesn't go home until Sunday afternoon.

Sometime this weekend, while Abbie is napping, I will reveal the names of the project makers, the winners name, and the winning commenter (ok, is that a word? commenter). I will use the random generator....I hope you all remember what you wrote, cause there are sure a lot of anonymous readers out

I am getting no sewing done as Abbie is sleeping in the sewing room and as good as she sleeps, I am pretty sure the machine would wake her

Happy sewing,

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Lilly said...

Have been catching up on my reading. You have been having some very interesting times. I am sure having Abbie with you will make up for not being able to sew while she sleeps. Grandchildren are so wonderful, at least until they become teenagers!!!LOL