Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The future is here.....

And it looks like this -

I wish the Rock Star didn't have to work, but he needs to pay for gas and car insurance and of course those $40 (btw, the paint all came out)
Over the past summer, he worked at McDonalds "fryin meat" as he put it. He hated it. Then school started and when he asked to shorten his hours they said they wouldn't, so he quit. The ol' checkin account was starting to look sparse so he has been interviewing at different places for the last week. Tonight, he was thrilled to be offered a job at Circuit City and they said he did so good during the interview they started him at higher than minimum wage. I hope he gets a discount. Maybe I could get him to buy his own Christmas presents?

Back to sewing, I got the borders on the mystery quilt, sewing room cleaned up and 2 dress shirts ironed. I also found all the legos in the storage room downstairs for the 2 kids I watch every day after school. I think they were getting This morning I am off to get the backing for the mystery quilt. I might even find some other goodies...

Happy Sewing,

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Carolyn said...

Congratulations to my favorite nephew!!!

PS: Don't tell GG where he is working :)