Thursday, July 15, 2010


as much as you can with a 2 1/2 year old exploring the room.....
and turning on the lights
and turning off the lights
and trying to open the door
and swirling around in the desk chair
and flipping the tv channels
and trying to make coffee
and jumping on the bed
and turning on the radio
(but can't seem to grasp the concept of turning OFF the radio, which means I have to get up and turn if off every time)

When is checkout?


Carolyn said...

Sounds like fun - NOT!


Pokey said...

Been there, done that, lol

YEARS ago (literally decades) we were home for Christmas. Momma and I went Christmas shopping for 4-5hours. I was going to take my then 2 year old Lydia with us, but my Dad volunteered to watch her. "Are you sure, Dad?" "That will be the day when a 2-year old gets the best of me!"
Ha! Famous last words! We came home to a darkened house with one lamp on, with Dad laying on the sofa, glasses on askew, the radio off the station and buzzing, Lydia sitting on his chest.
"Why are the lights off, Dad?"
"Lydia wanted them off."
"Why aren't you watching the news?"
"Lydia didn't like the news."
"Why is the radio off station?"
"Lydia turned it there."
We didn't ask Poppy to babysit Lydia again, lol, but I always think about theday the 2-year old bested her Poppy!

Somehow, Grandmas handle it better, huh, Nancy?

Donna in KS said...

oh, dear!! I had four for night Sunday and Monday, so I can REALLY relate. They are 10,8,6,4; three boys and a girl. Would you want to trade? Mom's in CO for a week, Dad worked until today he and "the 4" are driving out to spend through Sunday there too. When I get the house back in order and rested, I want a vacation too!

Winona said...

You know you are loving it. (grin) Winona

Amy said...

Ah... If only there was some way that we could get some of that energy!

Anonymous said...

We spent a month living in a hotel when my girls were 2 and 4. The ceiling in our apartment collapsed and all of our belongings had to be decontaminated. People used to say to me "it must be nice to have a housekeeper" or "how great to get a break". I wanted to ask if they really understood what it means to be in a hotel room for more than a few days (especially with small children). I feel for you.

Pat said...

UGH..did you tear your hair out???