Wednesday, July 21, 2010


no one guessed..

well one person knew...

i'm not surprised...

we signed a contract on a house

and yesterday was the inspection

it's a mess

and we knew that

but the roof leaks

and that's ok

but the septic is BAD

or should I say non-existent

we are working on that

and no news yet

please keep your fingers crossed for us

or your toes

or anything else you have

i will update with photos

when we have some news

they are ugly



Anonymous said...

Congrats to you!!! Keeping fingers, toes and anything else crossed. Good luck! Veronica

Anne D said...

I should have guessed it was a house. Congrats.
You make it sound so nice. I cant wait to see
I take it the house in in the right place with plenty of potential as they say in the real estate business

Osage Bluff Quilter said...


Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, can't wait to see. Ugly or not -- there's nothing like a fixer-upper!

Trudi said...

Ugly or not it must have something special about it after that long list! LOL Congratulations Nancy, look forward to seeing pics soon :)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Fingers crossed for you Nancy.

Roof Leaks said...

Keep it up buddy.

Anonymous said...

oh my...what a surprise!!! LOL!!! Seriously, not sure WHO said you could move away from'll miss your dear friends.....sure you'll be close to grandkids but still.....!!
Can't wait to hear all about it and get sure hubby is thrilled!

Linda said...

Well how exciting for you. I've been in a fog of training and coming home and collapsing.

Miss Nancy said...

Fingers and toes are crossed for you. Wishing you the best and a big
Congratulations. Here's hoping it all works out.

Have a super great day.

Margie said...

What a surprise, will keep fingers, toes, and ?? crossed. Hope everything works out just great, and I know you will keep us all up to date!!

SheilaC said...

Congrats on the house!!! Can't wait to see all the remodeling projects you will blog about :)


Lynne said...

I too have a smelly septic tank - if you find out the anwer to that conundrum, please let me know, in the meantime, good luck and I forgot to take photos of me running around the neighbourhood carrying my sewing machine naked so I can't post those this time but I'm going to London next week so I'll do the same with the picture of BIG BEN in the background. Heck, that's gotta be worth a notebook. Sheesh, I'll buy one myself and save London the horror.