Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The dot....

Phone rings....

Me - Hello

Mom - I need some help.

Me - What do you need?

Mom - I turned it on and there is a dot in the middle.

Me - You turned what on?

Mom - You know...the computer.

Me - Ok, you only have a little dot of light?

Mom - No, I have pictures and everything.

Me - So what is the problem?

Mom - The dot won't move.

Me - Do you NEED the dot to move?

Mom - Well, of course I do.

Me - What do you want the dot to do?

Mom - I want it to move.

Me - Why?

Mom - Cause it's the mouse dot.

Me - Oh, so the dot is actually a hand? Your mouse isn't working? It's not moving?

Mom - Yes.

Me - Replace the battery.

Mom - There's a battery?

Happy Sewing,

Go HERE and see a cool dot optical illusion


Brenda said...

That is way too funny!

Pat said...

GOOD one (the story AND the link).

Carolyn said...


Do you remember the convo I had with Mom

Her: "where's the 30?!? I don't have that button?!"

Me: hanging up (well not really, but I did give up trying to explain)

Gotta Love Her.......

Your Sis

Val said...

ROFLOL! Kids, can't live with them and can't live without them. But where else can you get those kinds of laughs?! Besides, it is obvious they still NEED YOU!!