Friday, March 13, 2009

Now I know....

Why my daughter only changes her sheets every two weeks.

How to keep a 13 month old busy while I unload the dishwasher.

How to change a VERY poopy diaper and not get anything on the couch.

How to cook dinner with one leg being pulled on.

That it is ok to look forward to bed time.

That it is important to get up very early and get a shower and dressed for the day. Cause you can't go anywhere in your pj's with bed head...and you can't shower after the grandbaby is awake.

That when you have a guest and you can't use the guest room for the guest because your Rock Star has turned it into a music room and so you put the guest in the
sewing room, that you can't sew when the guest is asleep and of course you can't sew when the guest is awake.

That every dinner needs to include some kind of protein, a veggie and some fruit.

That you don't feed the grandbaby until she explodes (got that, grandpa?)

Beautiful Abbie went home yesterday. We surprised her Mommy and Daddy by leaving very early and taking her all the way home. We had to stop 3 times to get "binky", but made it safely home. You could have heard Abbie all the way to New York when she spotted her Mommy and Daddy coming up the walk. She was hysterically happy. It had been a long 6 days. For all of us......

Now to get the sewing room back in order and get some sewing done this weekend. I need to catch up on my Calendar Quilt Challenge and I have decided that my bathroom needs some new window coverings.

Happy Sewing,


Anonymous said...

LOL Love to see them come and love to see them go.. that's why grand babies are the best.. they do go back home.

Pat said...

I had a friend who said she loved to see the headlights when the car carrying her grandkids turned into her driveway BUT she also really loved to see the tail-lights when the car pulled away taking them home AFTER their visit!!! I guess that's why we have kids when we are we can keep up with them. I'm glad you survived. LOL

Anonymous said...

Grandbabies are so much work for grandparents but being rewarded with a toothy smile and slobbery kiss are FANTASTIC!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Cute post. And all true, I'm sure. Your granddaughter is beautiful.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

No grandbabies here, so it is interesting to hear about how time consuming (and fun) the visits are.

Sweet P said...

I can see you had a busy, but fun week. She is adorable. And yes, it is a good thng that grandchildren can go home.