Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Don't you just love Halloween??

My favorite Halloween memories -

My Mom making Chili and getting to eat while watching my sisters and brother getting their costumes on.

Finally being old enough to Trick-r-Treat after dark without a parent.

Getting popcorn and candy from the police in the neighborhood patrol cars.

My Mom had two bowls of candy, one was cheap penny candy for kids she didn't know, the other was HUGE candy bars for our neighborhood friends.

Stealing the pillowcase off our bed to hold the candy.

Running from house to house in the dark, sometimes on a SCHOOL NIGHT!!

The kid next door dressed as a TV set and the boy up the street dressed as a GIRL!!

Coming back home 2 hours later with half a pillowcase of candy and then having our Dad go through and steal all the good stuff..

Whether you are the giver or getter of candy, have a great time tonight!!

I will be sitting on my porch handing out Twix, Hersheys, Milk Duds and Peanut M&M's. If you are in the neighborhood stop by!!

Happy Howling Day!!


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Mary Anne said...

What fun Halloween memories! I also remember my mother making me put my winter jacket OVER my beautiful princess costume because it was cold outside! I mean really - what self -respecting princess wears a red snow jacket OVER her sparkly outfit?!? (so the next year, she somehow got my coat UNDER my costume -- and I looked like a giant , over stuffed Cinderella!)

Anyhow, thanks for visiting me over on my blog ! (and to answer your question re: the Pellon -- I just bought it at Joann's Fabrics -- it says Pellon on the plastic instruction page, so I guess that's the brand?)