Sunday, November 4, 2007

The 3 quilters, the fabric and the tire......

Once upon a time there were 3 quilters who decided it would be a great idea to have a Road Trip. These 3 quilters picked a date and a time and a place....(ok, I picked the place, but they agreed).
So last Friday at 9am we met at a local Wal*Mart parking lot and took off down Hwy 70....well, after stopping at Panera Bread for coffee and tea and the local bank for cash...

First stop Homestead Hearth in Mexico... This is a big store with lots of new lights. I was in search of fabric for two quilts for grandson's for Christmas next year. Homestead Hearth carries a lot of plaids and that what I finally settled on.

I found two backgrounds (2 1/2 yards each) and 12 FQ's that will make the two quilts. My pattern is TicTacMo by Terri Atkinson Designs. I had all my material cut and ready to check out. I was so excited. I had a gift certificate that I have been hoarding forever. Perhaps TOO LONG!?!?!? After pulling it out of my purse and giving it to Delores, she announced that the GC had expired!!??!!! OH NO!!! I got this GC from hubby right before we moved. Homestead Hearth was my LQS and I loved shopping there. I didn't know that there was an expiration date. AND it turns out, it expired a YEAR AGO!!!! I was shocked and Delores was fabulous...she honored the GC. She didn't have to do that and I really appreciate it. THANKS HOMESTEAD HEARTH.... I know they don't read this blog, but they are great so go check them out on the web....

Miss Nancy bought some soup mixes and I don't remember if Anne bought anything there, I was still in shock about the GC.

It's now noon and I remember I left the phone in the car and had told my daughter to call me when she got out of class on Friday. I run to the car and find out that she has called 7 times and left one message. OH NO!! I quick call her back and we took off down the road to meet her and her friend for lunch. Guess what we ate....??
While in Mexico, eat MEXICAN!! YUM....we all had chicken fajitas.

Now back downtown to Sticky Wicket where we found a Friday FQ Sale... $1.69 each and buy 12 get one free.... YIPPEE!! Anne and Miss Nancy pooled theirs to get a free one (who gets custody of the freebie girls??) and I got two red/white FQ's for Christmas gift swap. Back in the car (well, really I brought the truck hoping we would REALLY SHOP). and off to the Singer Store. They carry more than just singer sewing machines. They have fabric, needlepunch, machine embroidery items and some Anchor floss. I found the perfect quilting stencil for a whole cloth quilt I want to do with redwork, and I am sure Miss Nancy and Anne found some goodies also, but can't remember what they were,LOL.

It's now 2pm and we better head home.. we do have families and we have hit all the quilt shops in town. One more to go to on the way home....

Got back on the Hwy heading east and ...what!! is that?? WOMP...WOMP...WOMP...WOMP...
I am in the left lane going 70 miles per hour and what is that NOISE!!???

I pull to the right lane and off to the shoulder. I open my door and get out to see the back tire on the truck is SHREDDED.... I blew out...I did not run over anything. The whole entire side wall blew out... The three of us get out and stand on the side of the road. I call emergency service on my cell phone and after many push 2...push 4... push 6....push 8....what is your problem... they are sending a tow truck to put on the spare. Before that gets there though a wonderful thing happens. A man stops his car and offers to change the tire for us... I am speachless, there are still good samaritans out there?? We were petrified for him as the tire was on the drivers side and that is the side that the cars, motor homes and 18 wheelers are wizzing by at 70 miles an hour. I called *55 and asked them to please send a patrol car to sit behind while he changes the tire so the patrol lights will warn traffic. He changed the tire, THEN the patrol car showed up and he refused any money... I am so grateful to him.. I didn't get his name, don't know where he was going, but if you know a nice gentleman that helped 3 quilters by changing a tire on Hwy 70 near Hwy AZ please thank him for us... We are forever in his debt.

By this time, we decide that the last quilt shop will have to wait for another day.

Anne and her purchases

Miss Nancy's goodies

The nasty tire....doesn't it look horrible??

We best part is we are all safe and sound and got some great fabrics and supplies.

Happy Sewing Day!!

PS. Wal*mart replaced the tire for free. I drove to my daughters the same night and helped her yesterday with her garage sale on Saturday. She made a whopping $36, and I came home with a bag of new novels and a new dirty clothes hamper....

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Sweet P said...

You tell a wonderful story. Whenever I take friends shopping I'm always afraid of getting a flat tire or having car problems. You handled the situation wonderfully and God bless good Samaritans.