Sunday, May 25, 2008

a day out.....

Friday DH decided we needed to take a day and GO!! We left around 8:30am and went by the dealer to pick up the VW. I had to take back the 08 Jetta, but was happy to get my bug back. We headed down to the Art Museum to check out the two quilt exhibitions.

There were three rooms of fabulous quilts. (no photos allowed) For $2 you could rent an IPod with preloaded narratives by museum curators. It was well worth the extra money, especially since the exhibit is free on Fridays. There were pieced, appliqued, painted and whole cloth quilts from the 1800-1900's. A smaller exhibit was of Missouri made quilts.
Then we headed over to the Museum of Natural History. Ok, just found out it's NOT the Museum of Natural History as that would be about NATURAL history, like dinosaurs. It is the Jefferson Memorial or something like that. WHATEVER!! It's not like a bunch of you are going to actually get on mapquest and try to drive there. Sheesh!! On the way to the Art Museum we had seen a billboard advertising a special exhibit on Lee and Grant. My DH is a nut about the Civil War and with our last name of Lee (no relation has been established yet to THE Robert E. Lee) we thought he would like to see that. I am NOT a civil war fan, but heck he walked around with me in the quilt exhibit so what was I to do...

The exhibit was interesting (although not free unless you are a group of school kids) and I did find some things interesting. They had a tea set that was presented to Grant (or maybe it was Lee?), some of the uniforms and a very annoying lady that was reading all the little signs out loud!! Why do people think others can't read??

This is one of the old street cars from St Louis. They are talking about starting a line up again between Forest Park and the Delmar Loop. Now that would be interesting.

Then on to Blueberry Hill for yummy burgers with sauteed mushrooms and onion rings..... Then a ride home with the top down....

Great Day!!

Yesterday and today I have been working on a purse pattern. Remember THIS POST and the black purse? I have been carrying it, but had a BIG problem last week. Since there wasn't a closure on it, I actually LOST my ATM card when it fell out of my purse into the back seat of the loaner car. (had to retrieve that on Saturday). So I decided to go by Hancocks and see what kind of purse closures they had. I bought one and did some changing of the pattern and made these!!

The orange one didn't get the closure (cause I made it before the trip to Hancocks), but the black one got a great closure.....

If you look at this photo really, really close (like click on it and make it bigger), you will see that I sewed it on wrong side up. DANG NAB IT!! Now I have to go rip out two rows of stitching and get it back in there the right way. BUT, I do like the closure and will use it again.

Off to look for some brown. I want a brown purse. I have some cream with brown dots but can't find anything to go with it. May have to check out the LQS on Tuesday am.

Happy Sewing,


Miss Nancy said...

What a nice day out. Lots of interesting things to see. Love those kinds of days. The bags are great. Good closure on the second one. Have a great day!!

jillytacy said...

I love the purses. I don't usually do a closure on mine. i found magnetic clasps at JoAnn Fabrics. I think there were 6 closures for $2. the magnetic clasps are good for people like me who don't take time to close up and open their purses. I love the purses, is it your own pattern?